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Basic Info

Magical Girl Name:









Magical Girl / Examination Division

Magical Skill:

To create magical shadows.



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Eris is a mischievous trickster-type who loves causing chaos. She finds it entertaining to see how different people react in different situations and likes seeing the extremes of people's personalities. At times, she can view others in a rather clinical manner and has difficulty in empathising with others and understanding why they might be upset. Despite this she isn't a malicious person and when she learns people's limits she will do her best not to push them too often.

She does care for others and is able to take her role as a Magical Girl seriously, however she will always be her own top priority and will only help others out if she's confident that it won't put herself in danger.

Due to Eris's mischievous nature, she's found it difficult to make any meaningful bonds with others. People push her away and find her annoying, which then leads her to think that she's an inherently unlikable person and turn it into a game to see how far she can push people before they leave her, because if she's doing this on purpose then it stings less when they finally leave. Naturally, this means that when there's someone that she wants to stay she has no idea how to treat them.


Eris is somewhat of a rarity in the Land of Magic- she isn't just an animal-based Magical Girl, but is a Magical Girl who was originally an animal. To be precise, she was originally a fox. After becoming a Magical Girl Eris used her cunning to pass her examination and spent the next year learning everything she could about the human world and how to survive in it. After the year was over she came to the conclusion that she wouldn't be able to fit in well with regular humans due to her appearance, and began work to becoming a Land of Magic official.

Due to her diligence, she quickly rose through the ranks in the Examination Division. Others tend to dislike having to work with her thanks to her playful nature and constant teasing/pranks, but can't really complain because she always makes sure to complete any work she's given.

She sometimes partners with the Magical Girl Celestial Leo. They have a very complicated relationship, mostly due to Eris's inability to form any kind of meaningful connection with others, however they do both deeply care for each other and want to be closer.