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- DON'T NOT STEAL OR USE ANY OF MY CHARACTERS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE A DOG IF YOU DO! Plus,the pictures I do make are also spread across accounts and have my signature, so don't even bother trying to claim them as yours.

- Be nice and be respectful! I was taught to treat others as they would treat you and I try to abide by that. If you're nice, we're cool, have no beef and I rather prefer it that way. But act like you have no manners, prepared to get called out. I don't want to and will not be bullied! And if you think you're clever trying to talk crap, then quickly blocking me so I won't retaliate. Remember that those comments aren't deleted on my end, and I will snapshot them and display them on a blacklist to show that behavior for others to see. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

- I don't want to hear any complaints about my character count or accusations of "hoarding": If I have the characters, it means I'm using them, especially if they have a bio. There's no rule saying you can't have as many as you want. That's just a stupid stigma that folks on this site use to persecute others. That said, I abide by rules set by adoptees in their folders on how many characters I can get and more then willing to let others get their share. I likewise don't do character flips either (getting the character only to instantly put it up for trade again). If I do it's because my use for them fell through and they would be better with someone else. Plus will make sure they at least get a new pic too.

Other then that, please, enjoy my gallery and have a nice day ^_^

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