Name Eden
Age 20
Gender Male/Femboy
Species Human/Kemonomimi
Orientation Homoromantic/-sexual
Credit & RP Info
Designer Ki-KiiAdopts
CSS Wicked
RP Open
Type Platonic, romance, smut
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Gardening
  • Alchemy
  • His family
  • Being alone
  • Poverty
  • Spicy food
  • Any kind of meat
  • Very stormy days

A very bold and extroverted boy, Eden is a social butterfly who never tires of meeting new people. He enjoys both talking and listening to the stories of others, and gets unhappy very quickly when he is on his own for too long. While generally a very easy-going and cheerful young fellow, Eden grew up in a poor household and knows that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. He remains optimistic, however, and loves to help the less fortunate out whenever he can.

Eden cherishes his friends and is incredibly loyal to them. He supports those that are close to him even when times get though, and hates nothing more than to see his loved ones unhappy. Being rather sensitive to the emotions of those around him, Eden quickly picks up on the mood of others, but they also drag him down rather quickly, especially when its negative emotions that he can't really help fix.

Being more influenced by his emotions than by logic, Eden's behaviour in certain situations can sometimes be called irrational. If something really hits home, his emotional response may even seem disproportionate to the event at hand. He tends to remain upset over some particularly touchy subjects (like his family) for prolonged periods of times, even if he usually doesn't hold grudges against those that brought them up - as long as they didn't purposefully bring the topic up to hurt him, of course.


Current Situation

Eden owns his own little alchemy store in a relatively large city. He mostly collects the ingredients for his potions himself, either by growing the plants inside of his little garden, or by venturing outside of the city to find those he can't cultivate himself. He enjoys his work, loving both the contact with customers and the procedure of mixing the potions for them. He mostly focuses on potions related to healing wounds and illnesses, but will work on other mixtures upon request.

The Past

To be added.

"Listen closely, maybe you'll hear the flowers whisper among each other."

  • Eden has seven siblings, only four of which are alive. All four are older, three sisters and one brother.
  • His favourite flowers are lilies.
  • Eden will often times talk to the plants he grows, claiming that it makes them grow faster.
  • He has a habit of leaving food outside for stray animals.
  • He can often be seen wandering the streets on rainy nights, enjoying the peace and quiet.
  • His natural scent is very sweet, similar to vanilla and lilac.
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