Henri Lowell



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Henri Lowell leads here. You might also want to see Henri Lowell (werewolf form) and Henri Lowell (fullmoon form)
Henri Lowell
  • Name Henri Lowell
  • Age 17*
  • Gender Male
  • Height 165cm
  • Orientation Bi/pan
  • Type Werewolf (pureblood)
  • Birthday 10.7 (Cancer)
  • Alignment Lawful Neutral
  • Occupation Student
  • Weapon Firearms
  • Magic None
  • Music

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“Oh, is that so?” Henri raised his eyebrows and smiled arrogantly. “Then, by all means, go ahead! Show me which direction is the exit!”

A sophisticated young man from an old line of werewolves, Henri knows the proper etiquette of a gentleman like the back of his hand. As Henri is to become the head of the werewolf family at the age of 21, he has been taught to be calm, collected and diplomatic since childhood, and due to this Henri usually doesn’t do things in a hurry or with haste. Living on the lap of luxury has, however, made Henri a little haughty and arrogant when with his peers: he has the tendency to talk very highly of himself, as well as putting more effort into his looks than is often necessary. Regardless of the fact he isn't always very in-tune with others around him, Henri has a lot of sympathy for people and feels genuinely bad if he learns he has unintentionally hurt someone's feelings.

Due to his fashion taste and general disposition, people often mistake Henri for a vampire if they don’t see his ears - something the boy finds amusing, albeit a little insulting as well. He has a strong need to prove others werewolves are not savage brutes, and as such he is not much of a fighter himself: he prefers solving issues with diplomacy, even if he isn't always the most convincing of speakers. He is still young and has a lot to learn about dealing with other people, but his involvement with Nicholas is slowly making Henri into a more responsible and mature person, assuming an almost big brother like disposition when with them.

Aside from Nicholas whom starts out as a rival but fast becomes his friend, Henri is also affiliated with Dekartes and Merrill, and used to attend the same class as Rick and Kennith during junior high school, although changed schools before his graduation year.


Henri is a young man of a very youthful appearance, giving an impression of a boy tad younger than his age. Despite being somewhat average in height, his general build is very light, making Henri look smaller when viewed from afar. He is notable effeminate in looks, sometimes mistaken for a girl for this, and to make the impression of a girl even stronger, his body type resembles hourglass with aligned hips and shoulders and narrow waist. However, Henri sees no reason to hide his body shape and doesn't seem to have much trouble politely correcting people if they do mistake him for a girl.

He has magenta coloured eyes with heavy eyelashes (he actually uses mascara to make them seem darker and longer), small but strong featured nose and light lips with small fangs sticking out. His hair is yellow-ish blond, cut in a manner similar to medieval pageboys, and just barely reaching his shoulders, curling a little inwards from the tips. His wolf ears are very light brown, almost blond with the innermost parts darker brown. His wolf tail is also similar in colours, with blond fur and a darker brown tail tip. He is also capable of taking a full human form where his wolf tail and ears disappear.

Henri has two forms as a fully transformed werewolf depending on the time of transformation.


Unlike it’s often expected of werewolves, Henri is very calm, graceful and generally puts a lot effort into the way he presents himself. The young man often acts in ways that are traditionally associated with vampires rather than werewolves, with elegant movements and a refined, careful yet slightly archaic way of speaking. Added by his general appearance and taste in fashion, people are fast to mistake him for a vampire when his ears and tail aren't present, leaving only his sharp fangs and general appearance to make assumptions from. Henri finds this amusing, but due to his pride as a werewolf he can't help but feel a tad insulted as well whenever being mistaken for a member of some other race.

The expectations of the future family head and a leader of the local werewolf community rest heavy on Henri's shoulders, and resulting from this he has developed a nature that is both harsh on himself and others: Henri is demanding and doesn't accept failure especially for himself, and can go to great lengths to prove himself to be a worthy future leader. His self confidence is rather waxing and waning, going from bragging with his skills to strong doubts and anxiety regarding his skills and worth. Because of this he can be a little difficult to figure out, much less approach, and in public Henri has the habit of presenting a very serious image: people outside of his closest circles of acquaintances don't really know much about the youth, and the air around him makes them feel more intimidated than anything. Regardless, Henri is a talented conversationalist when he just wans to be, and he gets talkative especially on topics of history, politics and social studies.

At best Henri is a confident and diplomatic ruler: he is logical and takes is time to make decisions, and while not perfectly in tune with people, he very genuinely wants nothing but best for others and doesn't intentionally want to hurt them. He is very genuine with his affection as well, and becomes protective of those he cares about while still respecting their need of privacy. Henri also greatly hates violence especially due the fact werewolves are often accused of being savage brutes, and so his first instinct is to always use diplomacy and logical thinking to get through obstacles.

At worst, however, Henri is a braggart who doesn't know when to stop flaunting with his position, intellect and looks. He is also very competitive, usually making just about anything into a contest, but simultaneously sporting an extremely sore attitude to losing. When he is talking about the things he is good at he can come across as a show-off, and his need to constantly groom himself and take care of his looks can give a vain first impression of him.

Henri is predominantly a logical individual, not trusting his own feelings nearly enough to make a decision solely based on them. However, to say he is emotionless would be a great underestimation: he is very sympathetic of people around them and fast to respond to strong emotions by mirroring them. While he doesn't always understand why he is reacting to things the way he does and feels embarrassed especially about crying for others, Henri is able to overlook his own feelings when consoling other people. Not exactly the greatest at speaking words of comfort, however, Henri prefers physical closeness and comfort in a rather canine-like manner, pushing his body against people and letting people hug him if they so desire.

Spending time with Nicholas has slowly made Henri assume a rather big brother like disposition: while the two still occasionally bicker and consider each other rivals, Henri is genuinely very worried for the youth and often acts as a voice of reason to Nicholas' ruthless but impulsive nature. In the fear of Nicholas choosing the wrong path and becoming an enemy to werewolves one day, Henri tries his hardest to help Nicholas work on their emotional issues and provide them a shoulder to lean on, even if expressing such genuine emotions can be hard for the both of them. Perhaps Nicholas' presence is the much-needed push for Henri to slowly become more mature and responsible.


Born as the oldest child into a well-renowned and respected line of werewolves, Henri knew from the very beginning he would become the next family head. As such, he was raised to fit the shoes of a leader, and was strictly taught how to behave and how to follow a proper etiquette, both as a human and as a werewolf. His childhood was demanding, and Henri’s own temperament and somewhat poor interpersonal skills made his teaching difficult, but he learned with age and more experience. He didn't have many friends of his own age, however, mostly due to his position: most were afraid of getting on his wrong side and thus not approaching him altogether, while others wanted into his inner circles only to socially benefit from the position. Because of this, Henri nurtured his more serious and intimidating side, and while this made it harder for people with ulterior motives to approach him, it also made it hard for literally everyone else to do the same.

Henri was unexpectedly good at controlling his shifting even as a child, and this made it easier for him to meet new people and build connections to others even outside the werewolf race. Henri attended Lottenberg Academy's junior high for two years as an attempt to follow his father’s footsteps, who also attended the same school as an adolescent. Although not particularly social during this time, Henri was friends with Rick and Kennith, both boys also being aware of Henri's nature as a werewolf after they found it out on their own. However, he left after two years due to finding it had to keep his werewolf nature a secret from others: his puberty made it harder for him to keep a control of his body and transformation, and full moon nights were always incredibly awkward for him.

He met Nicholas during a night where Nicholas tried to get werewolf fur for their spell. This didn't succeed well, however, and Henri almost ended up biting the youth when startled, making their first meeting a rather anxious and uneasy one. Taking Nicholas back to his home made Henri learn about the youth's unfair and inhumane circumstances, and after this Henri started making regular visits to Nicholas' place through a magically constructed trap door: he was worried for Nicholas and angry about the way his parents had treated the poor kid. But since nothing could be done right now, Henri figured he could at least keep the other some company, even if initially the two considered each others rivals and bickered a lot.

Eventually they started getting along as they became more familiar with one another, and since the appearance of Merrill all three have become rather good friends with each other.

Currently Henri lives in his home city and spends a lot of his free time with Nicholas, who both worries and intrigues him: on one hand Nicholas is very similar to him (both in good and bad) but his ever-growing power with black magic and his thirst for power make Henri a little anxious. Together with a time traveler Merrill (who also currently serves the Lowell family as a guard and errand runner) they act as guilty conscience and sound of reason to Nicholas, whose perception of the world around them has been skewered by their isolation within their family library.

Skills & Abilites

  • Three main forms: human, werewolf and fullmoon. Henri usually stays in his human-like form but keeps his ears and tail visible, while at home he is usually in his full werewolf form. Read more about normal form and fullmoon form from their tabs!

  • Knowledgeable of the proper etiquette both for humans and werewolves, Henri is good at presenting himself in official situations, although does have an aura of intimidation as a result.

  • Still not an ideal leader, but has relatively good diplomatic skills and has an eye for politics. He is still young and learning, and while it doesn't come to him naturally, Henri does improve at a steady speed.

  • Relatively intelligent, specializing in politics and history. When on the topic of things he likes and knows to be good at, Henri tends to go on and on without necessarily realizing people aren't interested or even listening to him.

  • While not necessarily the greatest at dealing with other people's feelings, Henri is very empathetic and mirrors people's feelings with relative ease - both in good and bad.

  • Can't shed tears in his werewolf form

  • Has a strong howl typical for werewolves and knows how to use that for communication

  • Knows how to use a pistol, but prefers not to. It's more like a compensation for the fact Henri isn't physically very strong unless in his fullmoon form.

  • * He is 17 at the beginning of his storyline involving Nicholas. I will probably either update this profile when I eventually start working on his story more or I'll make a new tab for his later appearances.

  • Still has his soft puppy fur despite almost being a mature adult; his physical maturing is slow compared to other werewolves. Because of this Nicholas calls him a puppy, and while Henri says he hates it, he actually likes having a nickname, even if it’s an embarrassing one.

  • His werewolf form doesn't pass as an actual, feral wolf: even during his normal days, his anatomy is definitely different from normal wolves with human-like arms and feet. While he can run on all fours and is very fast doing it, the way he runs and moves shows he is not a real wolf.

  • If surprised in his human form, Henri’s ears and tail might pop out. Also, if he is angry he might unintentionally let his wolf teeth show through his human form.

  • Offended by leash and collar jokes, and usually doesn't appreciate mean comments or remarks about his race either. Likewise he hates the assumption werewolves are savage brutes, and tries his best to show people they are wrong.

  • He is often mistaken for a girl by his looks, but he has a boyish voice

  • Although something of an introvert, werewolves are very social in a genetic level, and so Henri sooner or later always returns back to the presence of other people after his time of solitude. He thrives in environments where he can get positive attention in.

  • Like all werewolves, Henri also has an affinity to music. However, he isn't a very good singer and can't play any instruments, but appreciates music greatly.