Darius & Alexander



1 year, 8 months ago

Basic Info


Late 30's




Bisexual (D would never admit this)


Lykoi cat


Tailor / Doctor


This is a pair of twin characters I designed to be a fursuit head in May 2021 (they're twins because me and my wife both liked the idea of wearing it lol)

Darius & Alexander are two fiercely competitive twin brothers.
Darius (the Doctor) was born first, followed 40 minutes later by Alexander (the tailor) born via cesarean.
Despite being identical twins, Darius is 4" shorter due to their mother's brutal parenting style which allowed (encouraged) Alexander to constantly steal all of Darius' food and generally make his life hell.
Sometimes they joke about being triplets, but it's unknown whether there's any truth to this.

Alexander has quite a gentle disposition, while Darius is more outwardly cynical.
Neither of them can stand the other, but they are also mutually codependent and rely on each other constantly in their day-to-day lives.
Despite Darius' fairly obvious unpleasant streak, both of them are abusive to everyone around them, including each other - Alexander is just better at hiding it.
Alexander has a wife, Darius has a receptionist, and each man fucks both women. Both women think there's just one guy. 

ok dispense with the formality i wanna take notes. 

- Darius is giving Count Olaf vibes, Alexander is giving more Reynolds Woodcock. they're both so heinous and abusive, just in different flavours
- Alexander dresses way more refined than Darius; narrow lapels, straight silhouette. Darius goes a little more gaudy; wide peak lapels, snatched waist, emphasised shoulders... he often foregoes a jacket, favouring the look of a waistcoat and shirtsleeves
- Alexander is quite fastidious with his appearance. combs his hair back, keeps his beard tidy - Darius is more unruly. Alexander's beard also points backwards, while Darius' points forward.
- Alexander likes to butter his victims up, wheedle his way into their lives and habits. he likes seeing himself reflected back in people. he loves feeling admired! he likes to carefully build an image of himself as someone of great intelligence with an unmatched eye for beauty; one should be so lucky as to catch his attention! once they're willing to do anything for him and the sordid little affair has reached its peak, he loses interest pretty quickly, leaving his little muse high and dry and reeling from what happened.