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( pronunciation:  vah-RYE-us )

Mother Mother – No Culture
Metric – Gold Guns Girls
The Knocks (ft. Foster The People) - Ride Or Die
Adam Lambert - Trespassing
Imagine Dragons – Believer
DREAMCAR – Born To Lie
Hedley - Anything

5267274_ZuPnFWuNQFf2XIt.png{ "I WILL make a name for myself and our race... whether the Council approves of me or not!" }

— B A S I C S 
"Boss" by his mercenary crew
"arrogant crow" – by Kyuvel, though not usually to his face
equivalent to 28 human years
5' 11" / 181 cm in humanoid form
FRIKKIN MASSIVE in wyvern form
Kvethar ( bird-like wyvern )
April 5
astrological sign
grey-romantic;  largely heterosexual
essentially always takes interest in women, but very rarely may take interest in a guy
relationship status
single;  always down for the casual
prefers open relationships with focus on one main partner
( eventually ) in a steady relationship with Zenith
occupationhired muscle / mercenary, but only on his own terms
chaotic neutral


r e f   s h e e ts t a t u s

roleplay / headcanons
tentatively open!
friends / connections

always looking!


— P E R S O N A L I T Y 


   + unyielding and resolute – very focused and not to be distracted from his goals.
   + ambitious and purposeful
   + commanding – a natural-born leader
   + high sense of comradery – looks out for and supports his own;  treats his group well
   + intelligent and astute, especially in combat – skilled in turning a situation in his favour
   + playful and lively – fun and entertaining to be around;  teasing
   + confident – can reassure / make others feel comfortable
   + charming and charismatic, though often has an ulterior motive

   + quick-thinking and adaptable – continuously makes and alters plans as they unfold


   = carries an air of self-importance
   = despises 'fake people'– very adamant about being true to yourself
   = unashamed of who he is
   = likes being the center of attention
   = loves adrenaline and risk-taking


   – generally holds his opinion above others
   – arrogant and egotistical when he truly believes he's better than you, but knows when to hold his tongue
   – will hold a grudge and exact payback later rather than act out during unfavourable circumstance
   – favours brute force and intimidation to get what he wants
   impulsive and often plays things by ear – sometimes needs to cool down
   grandiose, over-achiever
   – hot-headed – easily irritated + argumentative
   bad at emotional expression– generally means well, but may express as frustration or anger instead


— P R E F E R E N C E S 
Being the center of attention.Being ignored or otherwise treated as insignificant.
Being held in high regard by others.
The traditionalism of his kind.
Adrenaline rushes.
Dangerous / risky situations.
Inaction + acceptance of fate.
People who lack agency.
His (ever-changing) crew of mercenaries.Boredom.
Things being "too quiet."
Wild, raucous tavern parties and the occasional bar fight.
Having a lively time in general.
Being misunderstood.
( particularly in thinking that he doesn't care )
Sparring + friendly fistfights.Giving up or having to admit defeat.
Challenging himself, both in mind + body.Being told what to do.
Bonding over drinks – tends to drink hard liquor.
Often buys drinks for his entire crew.


 S K I L L S   &   A B I L I T I E S 


In both humanoid and wyvern forms:

Can fly in both humanoid and wyvern forms. Generally prefers to fly in wyvern form only.

Lightning magic
Decently skilled in wielding some forms of lightning magic.
Can use simple to moderate-power magic ( ie. conjure sparks, shock a single target moderately ). Cannot use high-powered magic ( ie. shock a target fatally, conjure lightning storms ).
Magic power receives a slight boost in wyvern form. Historically ( though not in Varias himself ), feats of impressive / 'impossible' amounts of magic have also been recorded to occur in this form during times of extreme stress or willpower.

Can transform to and from wyvern and humanoid forms at will.



In humanoid form only:

Dagger, knife, and other small pointy metal weaponry proficiency
Highly skilled in wielding smaller blades. Tends to fight extremely offensively, foregoing most defense.
Likes to conduct electricity through his blades, usually for intimidation purposes, but on occasion in combat as well.

Physically strong
Relative to body size, he is physically stronger in this form than in wyvern form.


In wyvern form only:

Large body size
Can create powerful gusts to blow away opponents by merely flapping his wings.

Greater tolerance for thin air
Can fly much higher than in humanoid form.
Kvethran city is not accessible except in this form due to this.

Telepathic communication
Kvethar cannot speak common language in wyvern form due to their morphology.
However, due to their high innate magical ability ( relative to other races ), they are able to project their thoughts and emotions directly into the mind of another.
It is considered rude to speak telepathically while in humanoid form, thus they reserve this skill for their wyvern forms only.


Can perform first aid and provide other basic care
Due to the nature of his work, he's gotten accustomed to tending to both his own wounds, and those of his comrades.
He is not a skilled healer by any means, and his technique is often rather crude- but at least you won't bleed out on his watch. 

 H I S T O R Y 

note:  to be edited & rewritten!

Cultural history.
The Kvethar are one of the oldest races in this world. Proud, noble, and dignified, the Kvethar rarely interact with those outside their race, as they generally consider those dwelling on the lands below their civilization as uncultured and unintelligent. While this may have been true in the distant past — Kvethran society was developed, multi-faceted, and intellectual far sooner in time, while the newer, land-dwelling races had only begun their evolution and progress — this is obviously no longer true of the world. Those of the older generations are far more likely to continue upholding these traditionalist beliefs, discouraging their young from descending through the clouds to the world below and spurning those who do. The Kvethran Council, consisting of nobility and many of the oldest members of their race, will not hesitate to formally reject the acknowledgement of an individual, should they disobey; merely surveying the land below is seen as somewhat acceptable ( but must be appealed ), whereas interacting with any living being below will result in immediate expulsion. As a social race, societal rejection is difficult, if not impossible, for individuals to adapt to, and the Council will kindly suggest they end their life to save themselves the hardship of isolation.

However, due to currently-unbeknownst-to-the-Kvethar changes in the world's magical make-up, the Kvethar are suffering from dramatically falling populations. It appears as if the dawn of their era is declining, and with their stubborn refusal to interact with the world below them, they are greatly in danger of eventual extinction.

Due to these changing times, however, a small number of younger Kvethar have been making a break from their upbringing, and the only home they have ever known, to explore the world below them. The Council, without a moment's hesitation, will slander each of those who left in the interest of keeping their actions from disrupting the order in their society, while secretly plotting how to either retrieve and imprison the individual in question.. or if not deemed possible, how they can kill them before they can tarnish the nearly mythic view of their race that the land-dwellers hold.

Varias is one of these, a younger Kvethar who has fled their societal expectations and limitations. However, he will not speak of it as fleeing to pursue freedom, as most of them would. Rather, knowing full-well that their race cannot sustain themselves in this traditionalist lifestyle for much longer, Varias vows to become a part of the surface world, and make a new name for the Kvethar. Though he knows that nothing he accomplishes will change their sentence to extinction, Varias is determined to leave a mark on the world that none shall forget.

He also knows that the Council will do all in its power to oppose him, but, well.. he'd like to see them try.

*image here*

 C O N N E C T I O N S   &   R E L A T I O N S H I P S 

342842?1505434817Kyuvel{ desire? / annoyance }
They once shared a mutual attraction toward each other.. for all of about five minutes. Kyuvel could sense something of interest in Varias, and approached him in his usual manner. Varias, on the other hand, was more than happy to entertain the attentions of this attractive newcomer. Furthermore, Varias could immediately sense the latent magic dwelling within Kyuvel, and was eager to recruit him to his cause. Though Varias' band of mercenaries has plenty of fighters, he has far fewer members with more.. finesse. Kyuvel's way with words and people, along with his magical abilities, would have been an incredible addition to his team. However, Kyuvel soon realized Varias' true, self-interested nature, and refused to get to know him further.

Varias finds Kyuvel's composed, self-assured nature both incredibly irritating and, though he is loathe to admit it, rather alluring. He does not believe that Kyuvel could possibly be that way genuinely, and that such a personality must be a masquerade. Whenever he ends up in the same place as Kyuvel, he will never turn down an opportunity to tease the former about giving him a chance, or otherwise tries to get a reaction out of him other than his usual, irritatingly unfazed smile.

13693630_aDww8rA1mYnzAUY.pngZenith. { trusted friend / right-hand man / ( eventual ) steady partner }
They have a complicated relationship that is difficult to define by conventional means, and traverses territories between friendship and something more.

Initially crossing paths due to vaguely-overlapping lines of work, Zen decided to accompany Varias and his crew for one reason or another. Over time, Zen's respect for Varias grew into long-standing admiration and devotion towards him, and manifests as an extremely strong sense of loyalty. Similarly, Varias finds himself rather enjoying Zen's sass and steadfastness, and genuinely develops a close camaraderie with him.

Varias takes good care of every member of his ragtag mercenary family, and although he nor anyone else is consciously aware of it, he always takes extra steps to ensure Zen's safety and comfort. It is not uncommon for Varias to leave his door unlocked at night (provided he isn't sleeping with someone, of course), in the off-chance that one of his crew needs his help and support for something- but unintentionally, Zen becomes his most frequent visitor. Due to Zen's dual nature, he regularly finds himself in extremely difficult.. situations.. that often inflict wounds, both physically and mentally. While providing first aid to his group isn't unusual for Varias, letting Zen huddle up against him until they both inevitably fall asleep is.. not so customary.

However, while Zen clearly begins to fall for Varias, the same cannot be so easily said about the latter- and so it causes much inward grief for Zen, who refuses to let his newfound feelings get in the way of their established friendship whilst also unable to completely ignore them. They fight at times, generally over Zen's frequent run-ins with trouble and Varias' exasperated concern (manifesting as frustration), though Zen is truly the only person in the world that Varias will (eventually) make the effort to apologize to.

The odds are not in Zen's favour, unfortunately.. the combination of Varias' grey-romantic nature, strong tendency towards women (with exceptions being far and few between), his general disinterest in forming a relationship within his crew, and current preoccupation with Kyuvel makes things.. challenging- but not necessarily impossible.

13693324_zzkDNdcrGmhDZI8.pngAnwar. { dislike / inward respect }
Having met by the virtue of both knowing Kyuvel, they have an inherent dislike of each other despite not technically knowing each other well. While Anwar's reasons for dislike are much more justifiable (Varias' arrogance and personal endeavor of irritating Kyuvel just rub him the wrong way), Varias' qualms with Anwar are far less so.

Varias mostly dislikes Anwar for having ruined his fun, as Kyuvel is much less likely to entertain Varias' visits with his usual smile and barbed comments with his partner around. Instead of enjoying a sharp-witted, verbal exchange (which honestly, only Varias truly enjoys), Kyuvel has a tendency to simply dismiss him to leave with Anwar. However, that is not to say that Varias is jealous of Kyuvel and Anwar's relationship – who Kyuvel chooses to be with is of no consequence to him, as Varias wanted Kyuvel mainly for his usefulness rather than out of personal interest.

Nonetheless, though Varias truly does not like Anwar, he does acknowledge his skill and capability, and would have no trouble openly stating this – you can recognize someone's worth even if you don't like them, after all. In Varias' eyes, Anwar stands on equal footing as him as an opponent, and thus he should not be dismissed so easily. That said, that doesn't mean that Varias doesn't feel like he could take Anwar on in a fight..

 M I S C E L L A N E O U S   I N F O 

He rarely uses his ability to telepathically communicate.
While the skill does potentially have many advantageous uses, it is still rather ingrained into him (from his upbringing) that it is rude and unnecessary while in human form. As a result, he tends to refrain from using it except in emergency situations (such as when the extra communication could be useful in combat). However, if he is particularly emotional, a few words or emotions may slip out before he catches himself.

He prefers to get up late.
If they have a specific job or contract to fulfill, Varias has no issue getting up bright and early to lead his men. However, if he has no such responsibility for the day, it's not uncommon for him to stay in his room until around noon. He typically is already awake, just in no hurry to get out of bed 
and may or may not be entertaining the physical affections of last night's bed partner.

He likes to have his wings out while in human form, despite them being somewhat inconvenient.
While they are a little unwieldy and make it more difficult to do simple things like sit in chairs, Varias prefers to have his wings visible whenever possible in order to make himself look bigger and to have more of a presence in the room. He is not small or short by any means, but there's no harm in looking even more impressive- at least, in his opinion.

Despite lots of wild bar nights and general hedonism, he always remembers what went on last night.
Varias has a very good memory for what goes on when he's been drinking, and has never had a night so wild that even he couldn't recollect what had transpired. He's never once blacked out or woken up disoriented, and as a result, he's often the one looking out for his crew when they have reached their limit (and need him to redirect them to bed).

He limits his hookups to people outside of those he knows well. 
Varias cares greatly about the people who are a part of his mercenary group and is aware that he rarely fosters romantic affections in general. To avoid unintentionally hurting those he cares for, he generally doesn't consider those in his group as potential interests – the closer you are to him, the less likely he is to entertain your affections.

He is an extremely physical person, but not particularly physically affectionate.
He enjoys fighting, tussling, and rolling around in the sheets but is not one to initiate hugs, hand-holding, or arm-linking. He often shows affection via things like punching you in the shoulder (affectionately).

He does not have a permanent residence and generally travels wherever his job takes him.
While he technically did have a home in the Kvethran civilization, he is no longer welcome amongst them and can no longer access his home in the sky-city (not that he sees any reason to, regardless). He typically spends nights at an inn in whichever town they are currently in.

He is amazing with kids and would love to have his own family someday.
For all his rough-and-tumble exterior, Varias is surprisingly good with children. He acts sort of like an older brother to them, but the kind that would conspiratorially plot sneaking cookies from the kitchen just as readily as he would protect them. Kids tend to idolize him for his adventurous nature and he enjoys indulging them with daring stories. He would be a fairly laid-back parent, but not at all uninvolved.