Chroma Helica



3 months, 15 days ago


a puella magi series-like magical girl; isolated and somewhat clumsy, a mishap involving her soul gem and a broken VCR caused her soul to be converted into an analog signal.
ripped from her body and trapped in the realm of errant television and radio noise, the incubators and other magical girls have lost track of her, and all she can do is travel across the airwaves, hopping from device to device to get around.
she desperately seeks someone who can help her, but ordinary, non magical-girl humans experience her broadcasts as harmful broadcasts a-la local 58.
in the original madoka anime series timeline, these isolated broadcasts are foreshocks of her despair overflowing and her transforming into a witch, an inevitable experience which devastates the city she lives in with lightning storms, electromagnetic pulses, and eldritch broadcasts.
in the post-series/rebellion timeline, however, the knowledge innate to magical girls of the law of the cycle enables her to hold her despair at bay until she can find someone who can tune into her broadcasts without being harmed or killed.
luckily for her, the person who she makes contact with is a retro tech nerd and engineer (and seemingly a fan of a certain RPG series), and is able to design her an artificial body/soul gem that can contain her safely.