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Basic Info

Themes: Suga Suga - Diana King

Company - Tinashe <-- Ignore that line about not buying things. This is a lie.


(Sugar is a sex worker character for the sake of having fun and rping/art trading with like minded characters. He's not meant to be the next gay icon or win a characterization award. Relax.) 

Real Name: Unknown
Alias: "Sugar" 

Age: Mid twenties

Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Bunny 

Height: 5'11 (without heels)
Weight: ...Rude. 

Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Navy blue, red pupil

Voice: Surprisingly deep and clearly male (Think: Todrick Hall)

Physical Description: Sugar regularly works out to stay in shape, and despite the nickname eats pretty healthy (His cheat days are notorious, though). He keeps a flat stomach and his arms slim but toned. He is thicc -- Everything he eats goes to his rear and those hips, which are his pride.  Dainty, rabbit like nose. Has an actual floofy rabbit tail (can be drawn as a furry, but humanoid in the hands and feet at least). 

Personality: Sugar grew up poor and in a shitty neighborhood. His looks were all he really had going for him, but it frequently got him unwarranted attention, so he learned how to fight off offenders. Despite his childhood he didn't grow up having an appreciation for working very hard. The minute he learned what a Sugar Daddy was he spent every waking moment wishing for one because he loves to be spoiled with gifts. Until that day comes he's content to boost his own ego with any profitable venture involving attention, fame, and sex. He's currently a call boy with a vlog and loves entertaining his viewers with peep shows, sometimes of his hook ups even. He's confident, manipulative, flirty, lazy in anything other than sex (power bottom), and creative. He will sass you to death, but it's how he shows affection. He's far more honest with close friends than sex partners. He's capable of being genuinely sweet and cuddly outside of the job, but don't expect exclusiveness unless you can afford the price tag--he gets bored easily. He might be a tad cocky (pun not intended) because of his experience with numerous males. (Something he's never encountered before, like a monster guy with a strange **** would surely put him in his place but you didn't hear that from me...

Warning: Touch anything you want, he's not afraid of a little mess...just leave the hair be. He will fight you.

His hobbies include photography, sewing and hair-styling, mostly to support his career. He loves most desserts but cheesecake is his favorite, and sweet wines.