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An overtired cat who, despite his exuded benignity and idiosyncratic contentness, is ready to take the necessary measures if provoked. He's a popular target for kidnappings due to his skill set, but has thus far slipped away from most encounters unscathed.

— He's a subspecies of cat demon who survives by natural means and is supposed to be able to inflict bad luck on their prey in order to make the hunt easier. Unfortunately, he does not quite work in the same way as the rest of his kind should, so he can only temporarily afflict others with bad luck when there is a perceived danger to himself—in essence, he has access to the involuntary part of his kind's abilities, but not the voluntary one. He suffers from several other abnormalities in traits and behavior, but they aren't as obvious in his daily life.

— His kind needs significantly more sleep than a human does in order to stay healthy; he used to make do with a tidy and socially acceptable 7-9, but now that he's gotten himself entangled in recent events he's been getting minimal sleep; the resilience of his species has brought him far, but this isn't what his body was meant for, and the wear is showing. He over-caffeinates himself to stay alert, to the point that he has developed a caffeine addiction from the daily intake and quite often suffers from migrainous headaches in situations where they are definitely not desirable.

— It can sometimes take him a while to get out of rope restraints, since he doesn't have claws at all, let alone retractable ones. He's used enough to the generic situation that he can usually devise some way to escape them anyways. He is very flexible, so sometimes his endeavors to abscond involve the use of his sharper than usual canines; he just has to be careful not to accidentally bite some part of his mouth while doing so, as he can cause himself pain for days on end.

— He is a very, very unlucky man, and is subjected to much of fate's capriciousness in sending its victims into unhappy circumstances. He has learned to either take advantage of the bad situations he finds himself in or to simply try and escape when there is no viable alternative.

— He has a bad tendency to make light of the worst situations and act as if he's treating his plight seriously in less grave ones. This is a reinforced behavior; sometimes if Lady Luck smiles upon him he can get extra sleep in, so he pretends to be inert or fretful when he's not at all inclined towards either mannerism.

— He's a gentleman. Gentle...cat man? Gentle cat man. There is no guarantee that he can dance but he will try for you anyways.

— All he wants is a room with no windows and/or a lock that actually keeps people out, a nice bed, and maybe someone to cuddle with. He gets none of these things and is usually dozing on the floor. In fact, if he appears to fall asleep around you, it is usually a sign of his trust and solidarity. Few treasure it, though, as it just looks like him...well, falling asleep as one approaches.

— Often he can be encountered in an unorthodox place just after a nap. He has to investigate increasingly strange locations to hide in whenever he feels his alertness slipping away.

— He harbors an apparent anomalous trait that he simply doesn't discuss. He is so reticent about it, in fact, that he could probably convince even someone with supernatural senses that could uncover it that they are mistaken about its existence. It's unclear what it does or could do to his behavior, or whether he himself knows about it (but he likely does; while the changes may be ephemeral, they are too drastic, after all, to go unnoticed).

— He is overly nonchalant about almost everything. It's eerie; it can convince people that he has the upper hand, even when he's lying there bruised and beaten. He'll have slipped away, eventually. And if he hasn't?

What does he have to lose?

— He's more worried about those who have fixated on him due to his reputation than he is about those who would use something he can offer them for their own ends. When there's emotion involved it's more difficult for both parties.

— His legs have lots and lots of bruises, as he doesn't get quite enough vitamin C and whenever he takes ibuprofen it acts as a low-level blood thinner. 

— He will be irrevocably changed once it comes to the day that he chooses to wear actual shirts. Bandages are acceptable but for the most part he reclines in his jacket.