The squat's jack-of-all-trades.

exhuberant // inventive // trouble

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2006


Full Name Lance Andriamasy Age 27 Species Human
Nicknames Lancelot (Bane) Birthday October 8, 1979 Gender Male
Prefers Lance Zodiac Libra Pronouns He/Him
Character Group 3rd Street Squat Religion nonreligious Sexuality Gay
Group Role Jack-of-all-trades Background Malagasy Relationship Status Single
Day Job Bicycle messenger Birthplace ??? Living Situation In an artists' squat

"Do you quest for pie? Pie is necessitated in your kingdom, sir knight!"

- Bane

Irrepressibly enthusiastic and bubbly, Lance is the the DIY guy and gardener of the artists' squat he lives in. Quick thinking, inventive, and good with repairs, he can kludge his way through almost any problem that arises. He might risk coming across as some kind of genius for it, except that he can also be remarkably airheaded about pretty much anything else in life.

He's overly friendly, probably too optimistic, and like an animal raised in captivity, he doesn't have the natural caution or fear of being caught that the other members of the squat do. Unlike the others, he isn't (or wasn't) even poor, and squatting is a life choice for him, not a necessity.

Lance is an environmentalist, a health nut, and overall a very good fellow who means well. His closest friend in the squat is Bane, and they have their own running in-jokes.

Lance works as a bicycle messenger, and he takes great pride in his job. Bane jokes around about Lance's bicycle being the "knight"'s faithful steed, but on the back of his bike dodging and weaving through traffic really is his favorite place to be.

His housemates in the artists' squat are Bane, Kaji, Luke (CHIEF), and Heto.

Height: 5'10"/178cm Build: Athletic
Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Brown
Handedness: Right Style: Practical, hip

Lance is athletic and lean, with brown hair slicked back and an eager grin.

He dresses fairly simply, in sneakers, practical jeans or pants, and neutral shirts.

His bike is nicer than you'd expect it to be, lime green in color and fixed gear, with a fender over the back wheel and a collection of spoke cards.

His helmet is purple and has a short black visor.


Kaji Housemate


Heto Housemate


Bane Housemate


Luke Housemate

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