The children's book illustrator. A sweetie.

sweet // soft // whimsical

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2002


Full Name Marianna Hazelwood Age 27 Species Human
Nicknames Mari (sometimes) Birthday January 22, 1980 Gender Female
Prefers either Zodiac Aquarius Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Paper Street Studios Religion Protestant Sexuality Lesbian
Group Role The optimist Background American Relationship Status Dating Topaz
Day Job Artist (children's book illustrator) Birthplace Mississippi Living Situation In an apartment with Topaz

Marianna is a children's book illustrator (she works in watercolor paintings, generally). Down-to-earth, friendly, and dependable, she's well-liked by everyone who knows her.

She works at the art studio alongside, and is friends with, Kat, Sandy, Zoë, Ira (SAINT), and Theo (ESCAPE).

She's afraid of jump scares or surprises and she doesn't like the dark, but she always wants to watch the sort of dumb, low-budget horror movies where teens are chased by some crazy axe murderer anyway, even if she's hiding her face the whole time-- maybe because she knows her girlfriend Topaz will protect her.

She has a childlike spirit: she's famous for her flower crowns, and she's always chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles absent-mindedly.

Family means everything to her, even if it's the family that is her friends.

Height: 5'11"/180cm Build: Plump
Eyes: Warm brown Hair: Light blue (dyed from brown)
Handedness: Left Style: Soft, feminine

Marianna is sweet and soft, with dyed, short blue hair.

She's typically wearing cute dresses or other pretty feminine clothes. She likes pastel colors and florals, and I associate her with light greens and blues.

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