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Saccharin is a high school senior. He lives in a suburban area but his school is within walking distance from his house. He is usually seen with his best friend Argent, who he has known for many years, and soon developed a hardcore crush on. He lives at home with his two fostor parents who take very good care of him. Saccharin tends to be spoiled by them, but he himself doesn't act spiled; instead he's very greatful for what he receives from them and he cares about them a lot.

School: Saccharin's favorite subject is History. He has a very great history-catered mind and does excetionally well on tests. He has a great memory for recognizing events and putting them in chronological order, and he is fascinated by the changes in almost every aspect of people's lives, tech advancements, drama and scandals, and how things lead from one to another. Specifically, Saccharin has always liked units related to war and conflict, much more so than relativly peaceful events such as the Renaissance or the Enlightenment. He is greatly interested as to how certain people or groups came to power, what they do to maintain it, and what was done in their downfalls. He also likes the types of weapons that are used in each era, and how they have evolved. It is most likely that Saccharin would be a war historian in the future.


Saccharin can be a sweet person. He's seen as very cute,with his short height and his big eyes and his sweet smile. He doesn't mind socializing with different people. He can be a nice guy and he can be very outgoing. There are times where he rather keep to himself though, since being among other people could be tiring, but he usually puts up with it for the most part.


This section is a work in progress but still proceed in caution I suppose.

However, make one wrong move towards Argent and his personality would do a 180. At first, if within a crowd of people, he would keep up his cheery and sweet facade, but he knows when something doesn't feel right, and he would keep it on the side of his mind. He would become more attentive to who's around Argent, and he would stick by his side as close as he could. He would become passive-aggressive when dealing with someone trying to get too close to Argent; no one else would notice his cold glares but the target would get a very, very brief glimspe of it. The glare would go by so quick, one would think they had imagened it on the cute face.

There are scenarios I make up in which Saccharin actually kills people who he considers a threat to either Argent, or the relationship he wants to have with Argent. These would involve Saccharin dressing in black and having a kitchen knife with him and he'd sneak out to the target, or maybe an entirely different scenario with him and his pocket knife. Anyway, in any case, Saccharin would rather use knives against his opponent. He's personally most satisfied with slitting someone's throat.

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Hair: He has short/medium length brown hair that sticks up on the ends. He has long bangs to both sides of his head and shorter bangs upon his forehead. His hair is light and soft; there's rumors that he may use hair gel to keep the ends up and pointy but we'll never know c;

Eyes: He has big dark green eyes that hide behind large circular glasses. ** As a drawing ref, keep in mind that Saccharin's eyes are supposed to be dark, almost "soulless" as how anime-esque eyes go, so please do NOT add the shiny white things/ light parts in his eyes!

Body: He has a fair skin tone. His build is short and lean, but despite that, he has a decent amount of strength. Saccharin does martial arts so he has a pretty good defense. His slim build gives him a lot of agility and he's pretty quick on his feet. For offense, he won't be able to do a full on KO but he can do a good amount of consecutive attacks to deal some damage.


Uniform: white button down shirt (can be long or short sleeved), gray/black sweater vest on top. Red plaid pants. Black (or brown) dress shoes. Black or wwhite socks preferred but since no one really sees those anyway, any sock is fine. Red tie.

Clothing: I could see him in a mix of light clothing or dark/ black clothing. He could possibly wear light brown pants and a pastel colored top, some sort of t-shirt with a pattern on it. If black, it would probably be a dark t-shirt with jeans, but this seems less likely. Cute things seem to siut him more even if he tries to change up his image and try to appear more "menacing".

Fight Style: Better at long distance attacks with his throwing knives. If up close, he does light jabs or slashes; usually aims for the neck.

Now Saccharin can be a sweet and easy going guy, as long as doesn't get too close with or try to harm his best friend Argent in any way. You see, Saccharin has an unwavering crush on him, that just gets stronger after each year since he found out his feelings for him. Saccharin tends to get jealous very easily, and he can get really clingy, and to an extent, manipulative. He is my yandere oc, and you'll see how this crush started.

When Saccharin was eight years old, his house had burned down in an unknown fire that happened in the middle of the night, and he was the only survivor. (Seeing something like this was pretty terrifying for him and such a fear was hard to go away; even though things like this don't happen often at all He still couldn't help having occasional nightmares about it.) He was taken to a foster home and was there for a few weeks. During the stay there, his friend Argent would visit as often as he could, despite his own family issues, and would hang out with Saccharin for around an hour. Saccharin enjoyed the familiar company. One day Saccharin felt really sad; maybe it was because he didn't know if he'll get adopted or not, and Argent hugged him, saying that he'll always be by his side. Saccharin asked if he'll stay with him forever, and Argent replied "Yes , I promise." This really cheered Saccharin up, and since then he takes promises very seriously, and he hates when they are broken. A while later ,Saccharin managed to get adopted by a nice couple who, fortunately for Saccharin, lived not too far from Argent's house, so this is a win-win for him.

Now ever since that promise, Saccharin stuck really close to Argent for a long time. Once they reached middle school, Saccharin noticed how different the environment was. He also noticed more people come up to Argent and talk to him, and he saw Argent was making a couple friends. Saccharin didn't know how to make friends; he could socialize but didn't really consider anyone to be close to him besides Argent. What started to bother him was when girls started to take notice of Argent, and were showing off in front of him. Saccharin didn't like seeing girls get close to Argent, so he would turn Argent's attention away from them by talking to him or by grabbing his arm. It was in 7th grade when he started thinking about his feelings for Argent more, and he couldn't imagine a life without his best friend. He started staring unconsciously at Argent more in class, and he was noticing how attractive he was. It was the year after when he confirmed to himself that was in love with him; he always wanted to be by his side and make him smile, he felt like there was a need to protect him from people who might bully him and from girls who'd get too close to him, he wanted for Argent to pay attention to only him. He believed that he (himself) is the only guy to make Argent truly happy. This feeling strengthens when they reach high school and each year through it to the current.

By 12th grade he was madly and utterly in love with the guy. However, he has kept these feelings to himself this whole time; he was worried that Argent might not like him anymore if they were found out. Saccharin acts really affectionate towards Argent though, and there may have been a couple times where his true feelings might have slipped though, but Argent is an oblivious guy when it comes to love so Saccharin considered it lucky, but unfortunate. Saccharin recently finds out he has a love rival; it's one of the girls in Argent's friend group, and it happens to be a girl that Saccharin despises, and she returns those negative feelings back at him. Saccharin tries the best he could to not let Argent and that girl spend private time together. There's also people who tend to pick on Argent a lot, and Saccharin doesn't like that at all; he would come to Argent's rescue all the time and he'd do his best to protect him. He's usually not one to start a fight, but when provoked his anger boils over and would yell at the other person, and fighting with fists is a last resort. Argent doesn't like to see violence so he would try to hold Saccharin back if he tries to fight physically. However at times when punches do fly, Saccharin usually surprises everyone else with his strength and agility. But when angry, Saccharin can't control his emotions properly, so all his anger is in whatever he's fighting with, which can lead to some serious damage.

Maybe it's due to watching a lot of horror films, or due to his heart only having room for Argent (and his adoptive parents) and no one else, Saccharin has no remorse for anyone he gets into fights with, especially if those people were bullying Argent, and/or especially if those people get very badly injured. Instead, he'd smile crookedly, and if the other person were in pain, he would think that they got what they deserved. If he doesn't smile, he'd give a black stare down at them. Saccharin would secretly carry a pocketknife with him wherever he goes; only for emergency purposes, but he wouldn't hesitate to whip it out when dealing a threat to someone and wants to show that he is in fact, serious about his words


Argent is his best friend and his crush. They have known each other for a long time. Argent was there to keep Saccharin company during his time in the fostor home, despite his own family problems at the time. It was there where they made a little promise to always be with each other forever. It may seem like comforting words at the time but Saccharin took it very seriously, and from then on he was pretty much inseparable from Argent. The two went to the same schools and had most of the same classes together. Saccharin's crush on his started around 7th grade.


  • He loves sweet things; his favorite dessert is ice cream. There is a local icecream shop that he always goes to, and he manages to befriend the owner, and thus gets free scoops!
  • He is a pretty decent cook. He can make really good quality breakfast foods, and he does like to bake.
  • He loves horror and suspense movies. He also likes documentaries and cartoons~
Name Saccharin
Age 18
Height 5'3" (160.02 cm)
Gender Male
Birthday May 25th
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Sexual Orientation Gay

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