August Hemlock



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Basic Info


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August is the son of the pokemon professor in his town. He works under his dad and hopes to take his position someday. Since his dad is out on the field a lot, August takes care of the lab at home. He also can take care and help heal pokemon as well; he volunteered at a pokemon center at one point.

August primarily likes ice type pokemon; his signature pokemon is a Glaceon. His team has other types as well.

August is a quiet guy, usually keeps to himself but he doesn't mind a pleasant conversation. He's really smart and can tell you a lot about pokemon. 

His childhood friend was Proton, however he has only known him for a few years, since Proton disappeared when they were younger. Those two were really good friends so August was devastated when Proton went missing. 

His pokemon team consists of : Glaceon, Delibird, Froslass, Unown, Lunatone, Leavanny.

Oof he's 21 btw