John Sykes



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Age: 29
Pronouns: He / Him
Height: 5 foot 6 inches (167cm)
Sexuality: Grey-Asexual/Demiromantic

• To strangers he tends to come off as cold, hostile, or just weirdly intense.
• Prefers straightforwardness, and finds indirect/vague communication exhausting.
• Equally capable of both wielding vicious sarcasm and completely missing it when it's not coming out of his own mouth.
• Handles tense or stressful situations well, and either falls apart or just refuses to engage when it comes to everyday social interaction.
• Doesn't laugh or even smile very often, but he does have a weird, boyish, gross-out sense of humor (which he mostly uses to torment Petra).
• While he's usually pretty cool-headed on the surface, he's not fearless-- just good at continuing to do things while scared.
• Rarely volunteers information about himself. He doesn't consider his past a painful secret, but he also doesn't see the value in talking about it.
• Tidy and organized. A man who appreciates a bag with a lot of pockets.
• Will fix, or at least attempt to fix, just about anything, including interesting things he finds in the garbage.
• Will read basically any book cover to cover regardless of its content. If you ask him for a book review he'll just spoil the book for you.
• Operates on two principles: be practical, and do the right thing.
• Something is following him.

Skills & Strengths:
• A very capable outdoorsman, the kind of person who if abandoned on an island would simply start a new life, build a cabin, and attempt to domesticate the wildlife.
• Though he can't cast at full capacity anymore, he was once a very good defensive spellcaster, and can still manage when he really needs to (but not for long).

• Pushes people away and flees from affection. He doesn't like himself, therefore people he likes definitely should not like him.
• Without enough work to do he will just start drinking and continue until he either finds something useful to do or destroys his entire life.

Relationships to other characters
[insert the whole visual novel here]
Friend, mentor, and technically a subordinate once, but ranks are just formality. Carson is probably the person he trusts the most.
Sykes considers him a good friend, despite his oft-grating (and horny) behavior.
She healed him after his fight with Petra. He has complicated feelings about the whole event. He can't express them, so he's just awkward around her.
Oh jeez, it's a whole thing.
Accidentally becomes another of her dads.