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Full name: Willow the Wisp

Nickname: Will

Age: 26

Birthday: October 9 (given by himself)


  • Pie, younger sibling
  • Theo, adopted gremlin child
  • Bumpkin, shape-shifting pet thing (its design is still in the works)
  • 2 big cats that were given to him

Relationship: Alexander, Roxas

Gender: Pumpkin Male

Orientation: Pansexual, Demiromantic

Species: Pumpkin Monster?

Height: 5'5"

Abilities: mild teleportation magic, capable of creating pocket storage spaces that can be linked to somewhere else, skillful usages of blades (knives specifically), has an immense knowledge about magic-related topics (curses and demon kin specifically), can live without a body for indefinite periods of time

Personality: Especially known for his flirty and witty banter, Will always has a mischievous smile on his face, knowingly and unknowingly, keeping people on their toes. Behind that persona, Will can be very compassionate, often going out of his way to help anyone afflicted with a curse, calling them "cases". Despite his bold front, Will prefers to stay in the background and make observations, which often leads him to occasionally give rather thoughtful gifts and insightful advice when asked.
A lesser known part of Will is his insatiable appetite for knowledge that he's never truly been able to shake off, which often leads him into a variety of situations ranging from bad to horrendously neck-deep in trouble. Unfortunately, whenever he's like this, he often enters a state of isolation; often leaving his home for long periods of time, and ignoring most of the world, while attempting to pursue more information on whatever catches his interest. Multiple talks from Pie and meeting Crow successfully distract him from that particular habit, however Will wouldn't hesitate using any knowledge he's collected to anyone who poses as a threat towards him or his family.

His personal space
Pumpkin spiced lattes
Friends and family
Food made by Crow or Pie
Reading for both leisure and research
Teasing others to the point of extreme discomfort
Cloudy or rainy weather

Losing at anything
Abusive behavior
Making mistakes, or overlooking things in his plans
Spilled lattes/anyone who makes him drop his latte if he's drinking one
Anyone messing with his stuff without permission
The idea of anyone suffering alone
Admitting to be needing any kind of help
Anything negative towards anyone he genuinely likes

Profession: a "detective" of sorts, does mostly errand work and takes on a variety of small jobs. Also partially manages Pie's bakery.

Miscellaneous/Fun Facts:

  • Adores calling his boyfriend a variety of nicknames, mainly: Crow, Alex, Babe, etc. The nickname "Crow" came about when one day, when Will compared Alexander to a crow, thinking along the lines of "Crows are cute and great, my boyfriend is also cute and great, thus crows=Alexander".
  • This fool cries while watching emotional scenes in movies, especially Disney movies. And if you make fun of him he'll totally kick your ass or at least find a way to get back at you. Is also the type to poke fun at a movie and point out any plot holes orĀ 
  • His first (and literally one-sided) crush literally opened up the way for his damn daddy kink.
  • Dreams of owning at least 100 cats and using them as a spy network by attaching little cameras on them and sending them out into the world.