Calcifer (Age 18)



1 year, 8 months ago


At this age, he's just a big ball of teenage angst going through his rebellious bad boy phase. He's a big rough and tumble lad trying to make friends by punching them first. Otherwise, he's usually chilling out with jazzy tunes when he doesn't feel like punching his feelings out.

  • Please forgive his tiny brain, he's been relying on his baby brother for anything that requires more than one brain cell
  • he was born with white hair but demon puberty is making his hair turn into a bleeding snow cone
  • demon puberty also caused his height to EXPLODE past 7ft and he's still growing. As he gets older, he figures out he can alter his size to actually fit through doors, but at this age he just tries not to break anymore door frames.
  • he doesn't know diddly fuck about sexual orientations. He sees a hot guy, he tries to not panic. He sees a hot gal, he tries not to panic. He sees any incredibly hot person, He Tries Not To Panic.
  • actually a big sulky baby
  • probably can't be seen but both his ears are pierced in the same way
  • not sure if its visible but there's the slightest bit of scruff on his chin