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Name [ Eden Halifax ]
Nickname [ Doll ]
Species [ Hydreigon ]
Gender [ Female ]
Age [ 19 ]
D.O.B. [ 3 March ]
Height [ 165 cm. ]
Occupation [ Boutique Employee ]
Orientation [ Lesbian ]
Status [ Taken ]
Headcanon Voice [ 🔊 🔊 ]
Theme Song [ 🎶 ]

Ability [ Levitate ]
Moveset [ Tailwind ]
[ Reflect ]
[ Dragon Breath ]
[ Flamethrower ]

Special Attack
Special Defense

Gentle Nature, Often Lost in Thought, ISFJ
Reserved | Composed | Resourceful | Polite | Pacifistic | Judgmental | Submissive | Meek | Selfless | Imaginative | Sensitive | Responsible | Empathetic | Adaptable | Accommodating

  • Her neutral expression makes her look angry or annoyed but it’s totally unintentional. Her face brightens up considerably while she’s interacting with people.
  • Softhearted and sensitive, but she’s good at hiding it
  • Becomes infatuated and develops crushes rather easily, though it’s always very short lived [and she’ll never actually say or do anything- she keeps it all in her head]
  • Says ‘well’ and ‘um’ a lot when she’s nervous. She’ll also avoid eye contact and sometimes readjust her eyepatch.
  • Assumes stuff about people based on the way they look- but she’ll give them a chance and it’s very easy to change her mind
  • Not very good at standing up for herself in any sort of verbal dispute

Milk tea, sweets, carbonara, sushi

Dolls, jewelry, perfume, fashion

Horror genre, fairytales, romance

Spicy foods, olives, sour candy

Country music, rap, beatboxing

Extreme gore, zombie films

  • Works at a family owned boutique called the Hydra's Eye
  • Has a mild fear of feral Pokemon and a bigger fear of severe injury and blood
  • Skilled at making and mending clothes, both fancy and casual
  • Not so skilled at taking care of plants or animals
  • Loves and collects dolls of all kinds. Her bedroom is filled with them. Stuffed animals, puppets, porcelain dolls that look like they may or may not be haunted. You name it.
  • Often wears vanilla scented perfume
  • Can’t really fly but she can gently float down from high places. She’s also quite light on her feet.
  • For the most part she’s not a very picky eater but she absolutely can’t handle anything spicy
  • As long as it’s not meat, dairy, or anything visibly unsafe to consume, she’ll eat things past their expiration date and usually manage to not get sick
  • Has pretty handwriting
  • Light sleeper