1 year, 4 months ago


Despite his cutesy looks, he's surprisingly rude. He'll insult you till you cry, and he'll do it with the sweetest of smiles

he likes elegant things & velvet and probably have some deep-rooted catlike desires to sit inside boxes or pounce at anything that moves

niko loves dressing up and being fashionable. Poofy dresses with so many frills are his favorites, but he's not ENITRELY opposed to wearing pants. As long as they're cute.

he has a pet kitty named sir felix who he never lets out of his sight

he meows in every sentence and makes stupid cat puns and then wonders why he doesn't have any friends

song that reminds me of him

Also i've decided that he should be an ultra rich ceo businessman because it;s really really funny to me. he spins around in his office chair when his employees walk in the room and he's wearing the poofiest dress ever & makinf cat puns while discussing. i dont know. money and numbers or whatever it is businessmen discuss Do you guys see my vision

sometimes he's forced to wear an actual suit but he HATES IT cuz it isnt cute enough to him.