Basic Info


Fyoo-re Scorr-cher

IRL Nicknames

Max, Fury, Fox, Cactus, Plant, Lobster, Moth




Dyre (rufus) / Movyh


Feral | German shepherd dog, Eastern coyote, and North American red fox.


As I don't post photos of myself, I represent myself online as Fury the dyre. He's what you'd call a fursona or canine version of myself. Therefore, Fury is me. Well, as me as a fursona can be since obviously I could never be him IRL.
He has differences and several "what ifs" based on Cadavard. He doubles as a cameo in my comic, showing only for a brief moment.

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Genetics: Partial melanism with shaded sable, pale undersides, rust back, white spotting, and T mark. Blue & orange heterochromic eyes, 5 points mane, semi-rough fur.
Other info: Left knee brace and necklace both made of advenium. (Design directly based on my own knee brace.)

First appearance: Not yet. | Last: N/A
Status: Alive
Age: Adult / Unknown years
Born: 14 April
Interested in: Any sapiens | Bi-gay
Family ties
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Love: None
Offspring: None

District: None / Wanderer
Role: N/A

To be revealed.