Basic Info


Die-yer / Vleh-diir

Scientific name

Kyno diris (rufus / "aridus" / nix)


Coyote, Yote, Dog, Mutt


Least concern (rufus) / Vulnerable (nix)

Interested in

Their own and hominids.


Feral | Semi-anthro | Anthro


Male & Female

Natural lifespan

62 Tellus years

Temporal range

Chibanian - Present

Origin world


First appearance



Main gallery | References | Designs - Currently a closed species until Cadavard gets more traction and lore revealed.

The dyre is a coyote-sized, socially monogamous, wild,and territorial primeval. They're primarily known for their ability to use tools, their primate features, their quick adaptation, and their resilience.

The dyre is a sapient species that has remained wild compared to their vledax and human counterparts. Their society is divided in packs called District, with a territory that's jealously guarded. They survive through the hardships of the wild where every day could literally be your last. Even the dyres that live inside cities aren't that better off. They don't have a system of currency, daily jobs, housing, politics, etc. A dog will happily walk out of a supermarket with (technically) stolen food that to them, they were simply being opportunistic of an easy meal laying around.

All the subspecies of gray wolves, for example, make them canis lupus no matter if Arctic, Mexican, North American, Eurasian, etc. The dyre has two subspecies:
• Red dyre - Commonly known as kyno diris rufus, they make up nearly all of the dyre population. The Arid vledyr, also known as kyno diris "aridus", denote the hybrids of vledaxes and dyres, whether direct or ancestral. These consist of 45% of the dyre population. The two are often separated into two for the sake of simplicity.
• Snow dyre - Known as kyno diris nix, the larger and fluffier dyre is adapted to bitter cold regions and tops of mountains.

Shoulder height: 50 cm - 70 cm
Tail length: 30 cm - 120 cm
Weight: 8 kg - 20 kg
Top speed: 76 km/h
Coat: Short to medium
Temperature tolerance: -20°c to 65°c
Diet: Omnivore
Cyclicity: Any time, but prefers diurnal.
Life cycle
Pup - Birth to varis 2
Young - Varis 3 to varis 6
Juvenile - Varis 7 to annum 4
Adult - Annum 5 to annum 56
Senior - Annum 57 to annum 62
Shoulder height: 1 m - 80 cm
Tail length: 50 cm - 100 cm
Weight: 35 kg - 80 kg
Top speed: 52 km/h
Coat: Medium to thick
Temperature tolerance: -70°c to 0°c
Diet: Carnivore
Cyclicity: Mainly nocturnal.