Leria's Comments

oh geez, oh gosh. tough rowdy girls are my not-so-secret weakness, take my heart. I love her outfit, her hair, her cheeky looking grin. I'm not even sure if this counts as a compliment, but I love how natural she looks? Like she's completely at ease with herself. Like she could just be anyone on the street chilling and living life. Someone you could probably just kick back and have a drink with ( hopefully apple juice, I see that age there!! lololol ). 

She's so cool, I love.

Gosh, this comment is so nice!! ;____; Thank you so much for your kind thoughts; I'm really happy you love her! Especially when I have so little written on her profile to go on, but you're really spot-on with your assessment of her and I'm happy you can tell her personality from what's there!

and lmao... it's probably... not apple juice, but I appreciate your concern for her. :')