(ON HOLD)'s Comments

hello this baby has caught my eye!
im offering on all my oc's expect fursona
the mains will be a bit iffy but i am willing to let go <3

You have so many cuties!! Especially Baby!! Sadly I dont think I'd use them or any of the others as much as I'd like, so sorry!! I appreciate the offer though! ^o^

understandable uwu thank you so much for looking <3 :> 

Is there anything in my th that interest you? Except main/closed species https://toyhou.se/Kuri0usKatt/characters

The only one that caught my interest was this cutie but idk if you'd trade for her lol. Totally ok if not OuOd


That's someone fa page lol xD

OH HECK! lol MY BAD!! X'D ahahah

This gal:


Sorry, she isn't for trade she is my only poofy design and means alot to me DX

It's all good! ^u^d

No prob! Sadly she was the obly one that caught my attention. But I appreciate the offer though!