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Ezo Deer




The Endless Forest

Voice and Face Claim:

Yaguchi Mari: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUlsXNLRO5Q


10/16/08 (Libra)


Starry Sky, Kao, KaoKao, Little Mother, Star Queen, Little Blue, Starkeeper


One star, twinkling, calling the others out to join her.
It doesn’t matter how cold the night is, how dark the sky, she brings the stars with her.
Brings a light down through the trees to the hearts that need some shimmer.
She'll make them shine.

Physical Description: Kaoori is a tiny doe, the Ezo species of deer being smaller than other types. A nightfall pelt adorns her body, while her rear and shoulders twinkle with bright gold stars. Star trails mark her sides. Her hooves are golden and her eyes are a deep purple. Her antlers mimic a butterfly's, and her hind end is super fluffy, which puffs up if excited or in danger. 

Personality: Kaoori is kind and caring. She is devoted to her mate, family and friends, and once you are in her heart, no matter who you are, you are not forgotten.  She is easily excitable, and often charges into things without thinking- which sometimes gets her into trouble.  Although her stature is so small, she often wishes to protect her loved ones- and often tries.   She's learned as she grows, and now often leaves the big fights to the big ones, finding other ways to use combat if needed. 

Backstory: Born in the mountains of Japan, Kaoori stood out due to her changing pelt which, instead of a normal brown was beginning to have a blue tint. As the blue became more prominent, her father, who was also the lead stag of the herd, told her mother that if she did not get rid of the fawn, he would kill it himself. Thus, Kaoori's mother with the guidance of her father on a foggy night left her behind in a strange forest to fend for herself. Here she was discovered by a human-faced mage stag named Yorres who took her under his wing.

Ongoing Story: When Kaoori met Wesker, she fell in love and denied it. It was only after she lost him she realized how much she cared. When she had a second chance, she made sure she didn't let it pass. They became a pair in October of 2009.  Others thought she had been brainwashed by Wesker, hanging around him,  but her feelings were true. Shortly after they would expect their first son. That fall, Kaoori was attacked by a demon named Azazel, injuring the child she carried and giving him heterochromia. Takeshi was born with a brown eye and a purple eye in 2010.
Later on in 2010, the Demon Gazelle Walter targeted Kaoori for multiple reasons, one being she would not return his affections. He brutally attacked her repeatedly and she lost the fawn she carried. Hoshiko was buried under the stars by the Ename ruins.
Wesker and Kaoori tried again for a child and in January 2011 their daughter Kari was born.
Shortly after that, in May of 2012, the two were blessed with twins; a boy and a girl. Seifer and Reira.

In December26th of 2018, Kaoori and Wesker welcomed their son Ranulf into the world.

Kaoori went to the underworld of Osias to return her mate Wesker's soul to him. She stole it, along with Bartemius', with the help of Yura. Osias, knowing this, bid his time and exacted revenge when she and her mate least expected it. When Wesker weakened Osias enough to banish him back to his own hell, he gathered enough strength to return as a cobra and bite Kaoori, giving her an invisible mark which connects the two of them, similar to the mark he gives his clients for dealing with souls. He feels as if he has exacted his revenge this way, but no one knows if he is fully satisfied with what he has done. 

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: random acts of silliness, fireflies, butterflies, twilight and night weather, the BZD, quiet time with friends and family, visiting Hoshiko at the ruins, finding little treasures and trinkets for loved ones.
Dislikes: fog and thick fog (brings back bad memories), seeing any family member or friend in distress, feeling helpless, being completely alone.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She is compassionate and empathetic, caring deeply about others, especially her loved ones. She often does not think before she reacts however, which can get her into trouble. 

Extra: Kaoori will often speak Japanese when nervous or excited. She often suffers from night terrors and PTSD, a result of a violent attack on her by the Demon Gazelle. It cost her the death of her and Wesker's unborn child, Hoshiko. She has four scars of great significance which are covered by her fur. 


From Noelle: a feather, an ameythst, a fawn figurine found in the pond. 

From Fay: A tooth of hers
From Bartemius: a candle

From Kari: some dried flowers

Musical Inspiration: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPefJKqwLZ8 (lyrics translation http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/eva/ngetsumi.htm)

Inspiration: Japan, cherry blossoms, innocence, the stars, dark and the light, innocence, mountains, spring