Name || Taisei
Pronunciation || Tie-Say
Gender || Male
Age || 24
Species || Pufflet
Occupation || Groundskeeper @ Tengoku Tea Gardens
Zodiac || Year of the Sheep
Height || 5’8”
Weight || 140


⇀ Description

Taisei tends to be a quieter person by nature. It isn’t because he is shy, he is just always thinking before he speaks. He can get into very active conversations about gardening and is always willing to give people tips or advice. He is always keeping track of the newest developments in the gardening field. He is subscribed to several magazines and reads up on things online too. He has a very strong passion about gardening and plants. He also rather enjoys having long discussions about spirits and is fascinated with the idea of spirits and the spirit world. He also really enjoys reading, and his favorite genre is crime dramas.

He can be quite easily upset if someone damages his plants. He believes they are defenseless and gets aggravated when someone ‘hurts’ them. Otherwise he is very patient and takes his time with all his plants and even has a few personal bonsai. He is fairly friendly and loves talking to any guests who want to talk.

⇀ Stats

Affection || ★ ★ ★
Patience || ★ ★ ★ ★
Temper || ★ ★ ★
Sensitivity || ★ ★ ★
Creativity || ★ ★ ★
Maturity || ★ ★ ★

Generosity || ★ ★ ★ ★
Optimism || ★ ★ ★
Empathy || ★ ★ ★ ★
Logical || ★ ★
Bravery || ★
Stamina || ★ ★ ★

Intelligence || ★ ★
Insight || ★ ★ ★ ★
Confidence || ★ ★ ★
Politeness || ★ ★
Focus || ★ ★ ★
Work Ethic || ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

⇀ Preferences


  • Plants
  • Cho
  • Spirits/Spirit World
  • Reading


  • Destruction of Plants
  • Extreme Heat
  • Room Being Messy
  • Book Spoilers



⇀ Description

Taisei has short white hair and a tail that ends in a large tuft that drags. He spends a lot of time each day keeping his tail in shape. He has created a harness that keeps his tail up and hooked to his waist while working on the gardens, though he also can keep it in a tail wrap as an alternative. His small flower markings are on his very short hair on his body. His neck floof is slightly bigger than your typical pufflet, and his ears and taller and more pointed.

⇀ Important Notes

  • The small markings on the face are not optional.
  • The small puffballs in his ears are an evolutionary trait designed to muffle their over sensitive hearing and prevent their ears from being damaged.
  • SFW art allowed, NSFW art only solo and only with express permission.
  • His ears and neck floof are Uncommon traits, and his tail is an Abnormality.

⇀ Reference

Reference Sheet - Full Sized

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Weasyl - FurAffinity


⇀ Background

I long ago fell in love with the Pufflet species that my good friends Azolin and egyptiandragon1 designed, but I had never seen one come up which I really clicked with. I also really wanted to work on developing my current characters before adopting a new one. However, after being a Manager for several months, a guest artist, and then officially appointed a mod, I caved. I finally gave Azolin a pallet and a loose theme and she produced this magical and amazing baby. So now, I finally have a PuffPuff of my own.

A little bit over a year before DiaoChan first moved to Tengoku, the previous groundskeeper who oversaw the gardens had retired. They were starting to look a little worse for wear as none of the other groundskeepers had quite the skills of the previous caretaker. Momo’s mother remembered that her friends had a son who had studied most of his life to become a Master Gardener. She approached Taisei about the job and he eagerly accepted. Since then he has brought an even greater life into the thriving gardens. He has also taken over almost sole care of shrine maintenance, employing the skills he learned from his family upbringing.

⇀ Family

His family have traditionally been Shinto Priests, working in and guarding various temples across TG Japan. However, many temples are experiencing lower levels of attendance, so when his parents noticed his passion for gardening they encouraged him to pursue it. He still knows the basics of being a temple guardian however, which helps him to keep the Shrines at Tengoku tidy and in proper order.

⇀ Important Moments

  • When he found his first master gardener to apprentice under. This led to him becoming adept at his passion, and later become a Master himself after studying under several Masters.
  • When Momo’s mother, who knew his passion through a friendship with his parents, asked him to come work at Tengoku Tea Garden.
  • When he discovered that DiaoChan had an interest in gardening. Their long talks and close friendship that developed led him to also getting to know Momo and Cho better.


755465?1505940297DiaoChan and Liang [ Coworkers and Close Friends ]
DiaoChan works as a Tea Maiden at the Tengoku Tea Garden. They first met when she visited Momo’s parents and she approached him to ask about the shrines on the grounds. They have continued to become closer friends since that day, and often sit and talk about plants and gardening, which DiaoChan has a strong interest in. He always makes sure to keep some treats on hand for Liang.
505298?1498503878Momoiro Murasaki and Sumomo [ Coworkers and Friend ]
Taisei started working at the Tengoku Tea Gardens roughly a year before DiaoChan’s arrival. However, he never really got to know Momo except for after he started becoming friends with DiaoChan. They had always seemed to work in different times and parts of the Gardens. However, he now considers her a friend and looks forward to spending time with her. He always makes sure to keep some treats on hand for Sumomo.
2672407_W9qAPc9NEgMNv1L.png?1506166977Choshizen Murasaki [ Coworker and Friend ]
He met Cho through DiaoChan, similarly to how he met Momo. She seems to approve how tidy he keeps the gardens. As someone with a familial background in Shinto Priesthood, he is quite intrigued by her psychic abilities involving spirits. However, he respects her privacy and doesn’t pry, even though there is a lot of questions he would love to ask (mostly involving what plants the spirits of the various shrines would like to have where). It’s ~possible~ he has a small crush on her.

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