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Basic Info


Nina | The Red Haired Girl | #FF0000


red(#FF0000), black (#000000), yellow(#FFE500), green(#37FF00)





Birth place

Ä+*4~ - Rich area

Current residence

Ä+*4~ - Central area


Trophy wife, Gamer, member of bands Metal Sheep & Metal Sheep 2.0

First appearance

Mr. Mole with the last name Mole BBOLJ vol.1 (1-V)


Growing up



  • Nina and her twin brother Andrej were born to Bunny, a prostitute who got pregnant with a rich man in order to get to his money.
  • Bunny was only able to get in touch with Richard, the father of her children, when they started school. Richard agreed to take care of his children and their mother.

Elementary school:

  • Nina starts her new life in a rich neighborhood with her family
  • Nina & Andrej start going to school, they meet Tim and Tadej. Nina and Tim become best friends
  • Bunny starts raising Nina to become a trophy wife, but Nina prefers company of her brother Andrej and friends Tim and Tadej

High school:

  • Bunny is teaching Nina all about being a trophy wife, while Richard is teaching her and her brother all about business and making money
  • Nina dates Tadej for a while but they soon break up

After school:

  • Nina moves in with Tim
  • Nina crashes Mr.Mole's wedding in hopes of getting a rich man to marry her. She meets Jure who had just inherited a large amount of money from his grandfather and marries him.
  • Nina moves in with Jure, but eventually they move in together with Tim and Cereal Killer
You can read a more detailed story about Nina's growing up HERE

Physical appearance


Appearance and Style:


Above: Nina Sims 4, Chibi, Polyvore Outfit
Below: Nina's color theme


Hair color: red
Eye color: red
Type: mole
Other: N/A
Color 1: #FF0000
Color 2: #000000
Color 3: #FFE500
Color 4: #37FF00
Health: OK, likes sweets & being lazy, will ocasionally plas sports with friends Clothing style: Likes comfy clothes, often borrows stuff from Andrej or Jure. Gotta wear expensive brand name clothes to show she's rich.




  • Materialistic - Nina grew up in a wealthy family and got acostumed to a certain lifestyle pretty quickly. She wants tp believe she is not hung up on material goods, but she is used to getting whatever she wants.
  • Self-indulging - Nina got used to everything being handed to her when she grew up, and her mother always told her that her future husband should spoil her. She loves doing what she wants and getting what she wants.
  • Outspoken - Nina is not afraid to speak her mond and stand up for herself and her friends if she feels they are being wronged. She is quick to raise her voice, but she calms down just as quickly.
  • Absent Minded - Thanks to Clown who is always following Nina around trying to confuse and scare her, she is never quite sure about what's real and what's not. She gets easily confused and often frustrated because of it.
  • Lazy - Nina never had to do much in her life. She was spoiled by her parents, and always told she'd be spoiled by her future husband one day. She never had to try for anything, not at home and not in school, and she is still the same to this day.


  • Fun - Nina loves being able to just take time for doing fun things. Reading playing games, hanging out with her friends, as long as she doesn't have to do real work


  • Work - Nina never had to do any real work in her life, and she never will. No siree Bob.
  • Aliens - Despite her husband Jure being on good terms with aliens, Nina is terrified of them. What if one day they just don't return Jure? Or if they decide to abduct her too? D:


  • Food & Drink: Sweets, strawberry slurpy
  • Hobbies: Reading, gaming, hanging out with friends




Parents: Bunny & Richard

Siblings: Andrej

BFF: Tim
Tim and Nina met in Elementary School. On her first day in the new school, Nina took the empty seat next to Tim and they were insepparable ever since.

Lover: Jure (known exes: Tadej)
Nina was raised to become a trophy wife, but he always hopes to find real love instead of mayyring for money. She thought she found that in Tadej, but after a short wile of dating, it turned out he was only using her to get closer to Tim. Heartbroken Nina decided to follow her mother's advice and find someone who has money. In attmpt to find a rich man, she crashed mr. Mole's wedding where she met Jure. After learning he had just inherrited a large amout of money from his granfather, she immediately married him. As they get to knew each other they grew fond of each other and soon fell in love. Being as nice as he is, Jure was glad to take care of his new wife and get to know her friends, and Nina helped him manage his newly acquired wealth. After dating Tadej in high school, Nina felt much happier dating a nice guy who was willing to do everything and spoil her.


Nina is nice, but doesn't feel comfortable around strangers and prefers to keep to herself and feels most comfortable spending time with her close friends and family. As a friend, Nina is supportive, loyal and always ready to stant up for her friends. As long as she doesn't need to deal witht too many other people.

Learn more about Nina's family here.




Trophy Wife
Tasks: taking care of her home, her family and most importantly her husband ;D
Tasks: playing games, gaming videos/livestrams on Jutub!, gaming contests
Band - Metal Sheep
Tasks: participate in Metal Sheep's activities (Concerts, videos, interviews, managing Metal Sheep's Jutub! channel)


Elementary School: Nina is an average student, she would rather just have fun with friends than study, and her parents aren't pushing her hard either.
High School: Nina is doing just fine in school, but what's important is her mom teaching her about how she'll one day become a trophy wife. One things she likes the most is food and she loves learning to bake and make food with her mom. Nina also likes to spned time with her dad and learn about business and about sneaky ways to get money with her brother. In her free time she likes to play video games. In attempt to get closer with Tadej, she learns to play drums together with him.
After School: After school, Nina's main focus is to live off of her parents' money and get married to a rich man who will take care of her. She soon marries Jure. She now mainly takes care of her home, but also makes money form gaming streams and her band Metal Sheep

Other achivements:

Nina won a Golden Bald Mermaid Award with her band Metal Sheep in 1-XXII. She also played lead roles in Peter's movies Trans-Formers I., Trans-Formers II., House of Boxes, Fiery Passion, Trans-Formers IV. and appeared in his short collage Random acts of kindness




Nina first appeared in episodes of Mr. Mole's wedding wehre she met Jure and Married him. She went through some changes before before her final design.

Inner Fairies:


One of Nina's inner fairies is basically nina's old design. There is also her sim.

Nina and Clown

Nina is followed around by Clown who always tries to scare and confuse her: 1-XXX, 1-XXXIV, 2-XVII, 2-LXXIII, 3-II, 3-XXXIII, 3-LIII, 407 MH-13, 5-III, 5-VII, 5-XLII, 5-XLV