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Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

ryu241 Global Rules
  • anyone that is associated with Atom and bride¬†
    • Thrashen/Bondsystem (TH)
    • catty / Waste / ATOM / NSA / FDA / AWOOGA / Taffers / suckerpunch / Tamalife / foul (TH)
    • NOSTALQUIC / DEADRADIOTV / Inkglitter (TH)
    • EYES / itsjustashton (TH and DA)
    • bruhicanteven (TH)
    • Sal/Cherry-Guro (TH)
    • mortician/postmortem/mincemeat/guttergirl (TH)
    • Bride/fishstick/dimitrescu (TH)
    • 1999 (TH)
    • NyuNyuShrimp (TH)
    • xalois (TH)
    • BeIIe (TH)
    • IchigoNagano (TH)
    • Sage_Alvy (TH)
    • mururupeac (TH)
    • --------------------------
    • meatyvalentine (TH)

Trading, Selling, Gifting:

  • You can resell my designs for the value they were purchased as well as commissioned art and personal art.
  • Minor edits to the design are allowed.
  • Feel free to create CS versions of my designs
  • Free/Gifted designs can not be resold/traded unless they have extra art
  • Don't use my designs for any hate speech, or illegal content - racism, pedophilia, etc.
  • Don't trade, sell, gift, or co-own one of my designs to the blacklisted users.
  • Breaking the two rules above I'll blacklist you.¬†


  • You are allowed to make minor edits to my art