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Basic Info


Jure |The Guy Who Always Gets Abducted By Aliens | #008700


green (#008700), dark green(#376B00), grey(#606060), black(#000000)





Birth Place

Ä+*4~ - Busines area

Current residence

Ä+*4~ - Central Area


member of JURE! and the others,

First appearance

Mr. Mole with the last name Mole, BBOLJ vol.1 (1-II)


Growing up



  • Jure was born to a teenage mother Katie and her boyfriend James
  • Jure gets his first unicorn toy just before starting school

Elementary school:

  • Jure starts taking interest in writing poetry at an early age
  • James encourages Jure to bully other kids which backfires and results in Jure meeting his best friend Simon
  • Jure is abducted by aliens for the first time

High school:

  • Jure meets Peter who recognizes him as gay
  • Jure comes out as gay to his parents and soon moves in with Peter and his sister Andreja

After school:

  • Jure inherits a large amount of money form his grandfather
  • Peter keeps cheating on Jure so they eventually break up and Jure moves in with Simon
  • Jure goes to mr. Mole's wedding where he meets Nina and marries her

Physical appearance


Appearance and Style:


Above: Jure Sims 4, Chibi, Polyvore Outfit
Below: Jure's color theme


Hair color: black
Eye color: green
Type: mole
Other: N/A
Color 1: #007800
Color 2: #376B00
Color 3: #606060
Color 4: #000000B
Health: Works out regularly. Has at least one alien ship installed in his brain.
Clothing style: He didn't think he cared, but started spending a lot more money on good clothes since obtaining money, and moving in with Tim who just wants everyone to look fancy. Probably owns more pairs of shoes than Carrie Bradshaw. Except he wears like sneakers and stuff.




  • Kind - Although Jure's father was violent and cold, Jure always looked up more to his kind and loving mother. He always tries to be nice and helpful, even if he sometimes lets others take advantage of him
  • Childish - Jure never quite grew out of his unicron phase. He still likes to collect and play with his unicorn toys and chocolate ice cream is stil the main priority in his life. He likes spending time playing games and havign fun with his friends
  • Sensitive - Although seemingly Jure's live revolves around unicorns and having fun, he is very sensitive. He enjoys aret and has been writing poetry since childhood. Although he doesn't always show it, things affect him more deeply that he lets his firends know. He gets very attached to people and is a hopeless romantic.
  • Reserved - Jure is kind and considerate of other pepople's feelings and doesn't often voice his opinions or stand up against others. That makes him an easy target for aliens who like to abduct him for their experiments.
  • Optimistic - Although his life wasn't always easy, Jure is staying optimistic, always looking for the best in every person and situation.


  • Space - Jure spent a lot of his time being abducted by aliens, which made him quite fascinated by space and alien life.
  • Unicorns - Unicorns are cure and fun, and after all, it's important to take care of your inner child. Jure is still trying to collect all of the unicorn toys, but they make new ones all the time!



  • Food & Drink: chocolate ice cream
  • Hobby: collecting unicorns




Parents: James & Katie

Siblings: none

BFF: Simon
Simon and jure met in elementary school when Jure's father encouraged Jure to bully Simon. Jure went to slap him, but Simon like being slapped and friendship was born. Jure and Simon both being cheerful and optimistic quickly got along really well and became close friends. They have their BFF wedding in 1-XXXIX.

Lover: Nina (known exes: Peter)


Jure is a bit shy, but very nice and friendly. He always looks for good in everyone and is always willing to help out a friend, or anyone in need. He likes meeting new people and making new friends, he never holds grudges and forgives easily, which might result in others taking advantage of him. This mainly happens with aliens taking advantage of Jure being so nice and cooperative with them.

Learn more about Jure's family here.




Bands - JURE! and the others & Metal Sheep
Tasks: participating in activities of JURE! and the others and Metal Sheep (concerts, videos, interviews, writing lyrics for both bands)


Elementary School: Jure is just about average student, not exceptionally good, but not bad either. He's a curious kid, but sitting behind books is boring and he gets easily distracted. In his free time he likes to write short stories and poems. He also starts getting abducted by aliens at a young age, which leads to him becoming more interested in space and science.
High School: Jure's mom starts taking him with her down to her lab, where she teaches him about science. Jure is particularly interesed in hybrid theory. Meanwhile he still likes to spend his free time creatively.
After School: Jure still works with his mom, but wants to explore other options. Soon he inherits a large sum of money from his grandpa, which lets Jure quit his work at the lab and gives him more free time to focus on poetry and writing. He soon meets Nina and her brother Andrej, with whom they start the band JURE! and the others.

Other achivements:

He made an appearance in Peter's movies Lord of the Fairies, Trans-Formers I., House of Boxes, Fiery Passion, Random acts of kindness




Jure first appears in the episodes of Mr. Mole's wedding where he tires to break up the wedding, but meets Nina and marries her instead. He changed in 2006 briefly before start of Big Book of Lame Jokes but changed back to his original design before the start of the series.

Inner Fairies:


Alien abductions

Jure was abducted by the aliens for the first time when he was a kid. They anmed him "Subject 3" and are still frequently abducting him for "research".
Abduction episodes:
1-II, 1-XIX, 1-XXV, 1-LV, 2-XIII, 2-XXI, 3-XLI, MiB-20, MiB-21

Jure and Unicorns

Jure has been collectin unicorns since young age and still collects them today: 1-XIX, 1-XLIX, 1-LIX, 102, 2-XL, 2-XLIX, 2-LI