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Name: Hun Ho

Age:  105

Gender:  Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Race: Red Panda Spirit

Other names: Hunny, Hun, Xiăoxióngmāo



Mannerisms: Excitable and bouncy, especially when first seeing or meeting someone.  She will do anything for pets/hugs/cuddles, or general physical contact. She tends to repeat verbs, or important words, in a sentence 3 times.  She almost never stays still, except when sleeping or when doing calligraphy.  Will climb anything that she can, and nap in any warm, sunny spot available to her. 

Likes: Attention, hugs and cuddles, being helpful, drawing, playing, puppets, chasing bugs and birds around.  Snacks and sweets.  Listening to Fang play her Qin Qin. 

Dislikes: Being alone, feeling useless, fighting and yelling, the dark, spicy food, bugs getting in her fur.


Positive Traits: Loving, enthusiastic, playful, smart, loyal, imaginative, empathetic.

Negative Traits: Forgetful, over-enthusiastic, doesn’t understand personal space, feels easily rejected, self-doubting, sometimes can be bratty, lazy, gullible, people pleaser.


Hobbies: Drawing, calligraphy, napping, watching people from over the wall of her shrine, and daydreaming.




Scribe: Part of her duties of being a shrine spirit include writing wards, tags, charms, and prayers.  After 97 or so years of nearly daily practice, and hundreds of millions of tags later, Hun Ho has immaculate handwriting, to the point where her calligraphy looks printed.  She is also very fast at writing. 

She can write spells onto tags, and make them so.  Example: She can write a fire charm on a tag, and throw it at someone, effectively casting a fireball.  Or she can write a fireproof tag, and attach it to an object, making that fireproof until the tag is destroyed.

Listening to the Spirits: Hun Ho’s mind is connected to thousands of other spirits that are not only in the network of Monkey King’s shrines, but is also non-corporeal spirits, often displaced from their homes, such as burned down forests.  Many are just spirit fragments that whisper in her head.  They often give her wisdom that sometimes she is able to impart to others.  Not always, but sometimes.



Occupation: Shrine Spirit, Scribe

Favorite Color: Yellow and Blue

Favorite Food: Moon cakes, and sweets in general.

Favorite Possession: A traditional chinese tiger stuffed animal that her mother gave her. 



Background: Hun Ho came into this world as a forest spirit, in the shape of a Red Panda, living in the forests outside of Megapolis.  She and her mother lived together happily, rarely leaving the forest except during festivals.  When she was still rather small, demon Spirit Hunters burned down a big section of their forest, and killed her mother.  Her mother sacrificed herself so Hun Ho could run away and hide in the dumpsters of a store just outside of the forest—effectively making her a trash panda. 

She lived on the streets for a while, where she met Fang—the daughter of the Monkey King—who saved her from a pack of wild dogs.  The two became fast friends, to the point that Fang adopted her as her sister.  Although, with being a scrounging street kid, and her anchor forest having been so destroyed, little Hun Ho grew weaker and weaker. Something happened, and Hun Ho grew so weak, near to death, that the young Fang begged her father to save her.  

Monkey King then tied Hun Ho’s spirit to one of his main shrines by making her a Shrine Spirit, tethering her to this world, and keeping her alive as long as the shrine survived. As long as she remained in the shrine (or within or near other active Monkey King shrines), she would be immortal, though her body and much of her mind remained that of a child.  In some regards, her brain would grow and age, but she mostly kept the maturity of a little girl. She eventually learned how to travel between different shrines, but for the first 100 or more years, she would only be able to travel between them with the help of Lao Din, the shrine’s main spirit, and her teacher.  




Sun Wu Fang

Monkey King

Lao Din



Sun Wu Fang

Yu Lai

Xu Yuan Jun


Red Son

MK and friends




3’6” tall

She has very large eyes that dilate when she’s excited, much like a cat’s.  

She loves to sing and make up songs, but is very bad at it.