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Basic Info


Andrej (idC120) / long name: Con Artist


dark red (#C20000), blue (#130091), green (#249319), black (#000000)





Birth Place

Ä+*4~ / Rich Area

Current residence

Ä+*4~ / Central area


Richard & Bunny


twin sister Nina




girlfriend Jade


at Halcyon resorts, con artist, member of the band JURE! and the others

First appearance

Big Book of Lame Jokes vol.1


Growing up



  • Andrej and his identical twin sister Nina were born to Bunny, a prostitute who got pregnant with a rich man in order to get to his money.
  • Bunny was only able to get in touch with Richard, the father of her children when they started school. He agreed to take care of his children and their mother

Elementary school:

  • Andrej starts his new life with his family in a rich neighborhood.
  • Andrej and Nina start going to school, they meet Tim and Tadej. Andrej and Tadej become best friends.
  • Richard starts teaching Andrej and Nina all about business

High school:

  • Richard teaches Andrej all about business and making money.
  • Andrej is spending his days coming up with scams and other plans to get money, but also helps his friends; he gets Tadej to start dating Nina

After school:

  • Andrej starts working in Richard's company, Halcyon Resorts.
  • Andrej moves in with Tadej, After a while he moves in with Mr. Mole who is now Scarlett.

Physical appearance


Appearance and Style:


Above: Andrej Sims 4, Chibi, Polyvore Outfit
Below: Andrej's color theme


Hair color: red
Eye color: red
Type: mole
Other: N/A
Color 1: #C20000
Color 2: #130091
Color 3:b #249319
Color 4: #000000

Andrej takes good care of his appearance. Growing up in rich family he's used to buying good quality expensive clothes, but values simplicity and comfort over fashion and style.


Andrej is generaly heathy, but enjoys good food, playing video games or watching tv and avoids doing anything than might involve too much physical activity. He likes to do what he wants and healthy habits ofen have to take the back seat to his own enjoyment.




  • Materialistic - Andrej grew up in a wealthy family and was taught from the young age about the importance of material goods. He will do anyhting for money and has no shame in showing his wealth
  • Greedy - Andrej wants everything and then some. Be it money, things or food, Andrej wants it and will do anything to get it, even it is sometimes has to be in dishonest ways.
  • Outgoing - Andrej knows that networking is the key to success, He likes meeting new people, lookin for newbusiness oportinities, ways to make more money, or make new friends. He is sociable and easy going, and always there for his friends when they need help.
  • Playful - Fun is ont thing that Andrej lives almost as much as money. He loves spending time with his friends, joking around and playing pranks on his freinds or other people. Of course, it's all in good fun, although he is willing to cross a few lines for a good prank or some money. He likes to watch prank videos and sometiems make some of his own too.
  • Confident- No matter is you want to be successful in business or playing pranks, confidence is the key. And Andrej has a lot of it. He is creative and inteligent and always sure of what he's doing.

Likes and Interests:

  • hanging out with friends
  • video games
  • movies, tv shows, funny videos
  • music
  • pranks
  • food


  • Drink: Slurpy
  • Food:
  • Hobby:
  • Person:
  • Music:
  • Movie/Show:
  • Game:




Andrej is very freindly and outgoing. He loves being around people, joking around with his friends, pillung pranks and scamming people for money. But because he can never seem to be serious and often seems disrespectful to others because of his constant pranks and scams, a lot of people don't seem to like him too much. But to the ones who can deal with him, Andrej makes a really good freind. He's always there for his freinds when they need him and is willing to help. He loves spending time with his friends, but hates being alone.

Andrej and Tadej met in Elementary school and soon became good friends. Andrej didn't let Tadej's tough extesior scare him away and he understands that all Tadej ever needed was a friend to look to care about him. Andrej looks out for Tadej, and Tadej is one of the few who always get amused by Andrej's pranks and scams. After all, seeing other people suffer is one of few things that bring Tadej joy.


Sexual orientation: straight
Status: dating Jade
Known exes: N/A

Dating wasn't really a high priority for Andrej, especially knowing his potential trophy wife would get to spend all of his hard earned money. However, he found his match in Jade. Despite being the one who usually tricks people into doing what he wants, he walked right into Jade's trap. What started out as a one night stand as Andrej thought, slowly grew into a relationship.
Although Andrej isn't happy knowing Jade has so much control over him, she's really the only one who can keep up with his intrigues and keep him under control. And andrej knows that when he runs out of ideas, he can always count on Jade to help him out.




Halcyon resorts
Tasks: work in Halcyon Resorts hedquarters, TCB - taking care of business, moving paper form one pile to the other, sleeping on the job
Con artist
Tasks: scamming pepole for money
JURE! and the others
Tasks: Participating in activities of JURE! and the others


  • management
  • finances
  • marketing
  • math

Other achivements:

Andrej played roles in movies Lord of the Fairies, Trans-Formers I., The Mothfather




Andrej first appeared in Big Book of Lame Jokes vol.1. He was one of the 8 planned characters for the series.

Inner Fairies:


Andrej's pranks:

One thing that Andrej loves to do the most, is pranking others, or messing with them in different ways: 1-IX, 1-XV, 1-XXIV, 1-XXXIII, 1-XL, 1-XLVIII, 1-LVIII | 114 | 2-V, 2-XIII, 2-XVIII, 2-XXVIII, 2-LXXII
pt.1, pt.7