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Basic Info


Peter | [long name] | #00CCFF


blue (#00CCFF), turquoise (#00FF6F), pink (#FF00FF), white (#FFFFFF)





Birth place

Ä+*4~ - Business area

Current residence

Ä+*4~ - Central Area


movie director,

First Apperance

2005-2006, BBOLJ vol.1 (1-I)


Growing up



  • Peter is born to John and Carrie as the younger brother of Andreja.

Elementary school:

  • Peter enjoys drawing with Andrejaand Carrie, but also takes interest in other creative hobbies.
  • Peter starts taking interest in fairies.

High school:

  • Peter seeks out company of fairies, often involving with them romantically.
  • Peter starts taking interest in movies, he starts making his own home videos.
  • Peter starts showing signs on mental illness and eventually has to drop out of school. He moves in with Andreja.

After school:

  • Peter moves in with Andrejawho has been taking care of him ever since.
  • Peter decides he wants to become a fairy and also make a movie about fairies.
  • Peter meets Jure. They star dating and also move in. Due to Peter's frequent cheating they soon break up.
  • Peter meets his Imaginary Fairy.

Physical appearance


Appearance and Style:


Above: Peter Sims 4, Chibi, Polyvore Outfit
Below: Peter's color theme


Hair color: black
Eye color: blue
Type: mole
Other: N/A
Color 1: #00CCFF
Color 2: #00FF6F
Color 3: #FF00FF
Color 4: #FFFFFF

Peter prefers one night stands over serious relationships, so he particularly takes care of his appearance to be attractive to his potential lovers.


Peter is phisically healthy but he is mentally ill, so he has his sister Andreja taking care of him and making sure he takes care of his health. He did once also suffer from a case of Disco fever (106), which got successfully cured.




  • Outgoing - Peter likes meeting new people, make friends and look for new lovers. He has a few good friends, but is mostly a social butterfly, being friendly with a lot of people, but gets attached to a few.
  • Creative - Growing up with a mother who was an artist, Peter quickly got interested in creative hobbies. Being prone to daydreaming and being mentally ill, Peter always loves to come up with new ideas and putting them into his work.
  • Gullible - Peter often has a hard time distinguishing between reality and his hallucinations. Being with his head in the clouds, he is ready to believe anything and is easily manipulated, which makes him an easy target for Andrej's pranks.
  • Stubborn - Although Peter can be easily manipulated to believe anything, it's hard for him to admit his mistakes. He is ready to defend him misguided ideas to the bitter end, and once he believes something, it's hard to convince him he's wrong.
  • Playful - Peter is always ready to have some fun. He enjoys parties, hanging out with friends and also having fun on his own. He likes coming up with ideas form new movies or making videos just for fun.




  • Hobbies: making up silly stories, making videos of his friends and others
  • Show: Asim with a Box stand up




Parents: John & Carrie

Siblings: Andreja

BFF: Scarlett
Peter never cared much for forming close friendships with others, and Scarlett is more interested in herself than others. But their common love for carless fun and parties is what brings them together. They spend a lot of time together, going out for cocktails, parties and other social events. Besides that, Peter is a movie directior and Scarlett is and actress, so they make a perfect team for movies.

Lover: Edgar (known exes: Jure, Imaginary Fairy, Imaginary Wife)
Peter was never the one for serious relationships and settling down. He's been mostly going through one might stands with random guys, mainly fairies, until he met Jure. He tried to settle down with him for a while, but soon returned to one night stands and cheating, which led to Jure breaking up with him.
Later in life he ended up falling in love with his own Inner Fairy, whom he stayed with for a long time. Things were mosttly goign well, until he met his Imaginary Wife in 1-XXXII.


Peter is friendly and outgoing, likes going to parties or different social events, preferably with his best freind Scarlett. He's nice and friendly with everyone, but has a few really close friends. Others might see him as unreliable, and they might be right too. Peter is more interested in having fun and partying than worrying about his friends, and he more often needs help him self than he is able to offer it.




Movie Director
Tasks: making movies, videos, tv shows, interviews, he has a Jutub! channel where he uploads all of his videos and movies


Elementary School: Peter was never the best of the students, but he has always been ver imaginative.
High School: Peter goes to school, works a bit with her mom, spend soem time at his dad's company Peep'Hole inc. but can't seem to fit in well anywhere. He's scatterbrained a prefers partying over work, and soon it becomes evident that something is not quite right with his brain. After he loses one of his inner fairies, he drops out of school and work. He likes to spend his time creatively and turns out to be very talented in making short videos and movies. He focuses his attention to learning all about making movies.
After School: Peter seems to get a lot of attention on his work on Jutub!, and soon makes the movie Lord of the Fairies, which is a great success and opens many doors to Peter. He now full times creates movies and shows for his Jutub! channel.

Other achivements:

As a movie director, Peter has made many succesful movies, but also worked on other projects such as making commercials for his dad John's company Peep'Hole inc. or just making videos for fun. In 2-XV he recieves a golden bald mermaid for his work.
Peter's movies: Lord of the Fairies, Double Life, Trans-Formers I.(He also played one of the lead roles in this movie), Trans-Formers II., House of Boxes, Trans-Formers III., Fiery Passion, Trans-Formers IV., Trans-Formers V., The Mothfather He also made an unnamed soap opera about Tina and Simon in 2-LXXVI, Secret lives of Fairies (1)
Commercials he made or appeared in: Insurance Company, Moth Balls (1), Are you still hiding in the closet?, Moth Balls (2), Musical Singing Rock/Metal Bar, Random Acts of Kindness Club, Mind Games, Peep Hole
Other Random Videos: 1-I, 1-III, 1-XXXIII, 4-XV,
Among his other achievements are also winning Gegen den Stuhl race, in 1-XX it is said that was his 6th victory. He is also seen to be participating in Elevator of Misfortune in 110, but his success in the game is unknown. He also created his very own recipe for strawberry & white chocolate cake in 2-LXI. He also won awards, one of them is mentioned in 2-XV.



Inner Fairies:


Peter's mental illness

Peter is suffering from a very damaging comdition of losing one of his inner fairies; the event is described in 5-X. The remaining fairy has a hard time taking care of all the business alone, which results in Peter experiencing a lot of weird things happening to him. As such, he is a frequent visiton of the mental hospital:
1-XXV, MH-1, MH-3, MH-4, MH-12, MH-13, MH-16, MH-24, MH-26, 5-XXXIV