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Hello there! I hope you're having a good day! Before you get let loose onto my profile heres some things I'd like you to know!

Real quick,, please dont be sad, mad or upset if I ghost you/take ages to reply or I dont answer if you pm me first. I'm pretty shy and awkward and sometimes just dont know what to say, I dont to do it on purpose. If I get pmd first and your first ever message is just a greeting (hey or hi and nothing else) I get a bit uncomfy and/or nervous cuz I dont know what to say or why you're here. /nm /g  it's okay if you pm me like that just know it'll be a while before I respond and I'm sorry in advance ;v;

Some of my characters have large amounts of blood and gore. Characters that have sensitive content will have an extra warning on their profile with what possibility triggering content they have.

If there is something on one of my characters pages that you think should be tagged let me know! Either comment on the character or pm me about it. I wanna make sure I have good/appropriate warnings on my characters.

Some of my characters will/have done horrible things, this in no way means I support/condone what they have done. (These characters will have specific warnings you will see when you click them. Most of these characters are not up yet so you (currently) have nothing to worry about. I'm thinking about adding an emoji (🛑, 🚫 or ❌ maybe) to those characters so you can tell before you click)


Cringe Culture is dead. If you cant handle that, leave.

Oh yeah, and the obvious, please dont steal or copy my characters. Thank you! ♡

I hope you enjoy my profile!

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