Jirou Abei & Taiji



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Jirou Abei | 17 | High School Student | Delinquent
Taiji ??? | 6 (?) | Elementary School Student

Jirou Abei is your average delinquent. His mother - single at the time - left when he was small and he was raised practically single-handedly by his grandfather. When he was eleven, his estranged father made an attempt to come back into his life due to his grandfather getting too old to continue looking after him by himself, but Jirou’s never really considered him family. Although his dad does his best to dote on him, Jirou considers him pretty pathetic and is often derogatory towards him.

Generally aggressive, he gets in fights a lot and can often be found covered in cuts, bruises and blood - either his own or his opponent’s. He has a reputation around school as being a bit of a psychopath. Strangely, he actually attends school fairly often, despite claiming to hate it. He’ll say that he goes “because it’s just something to do, ain’t it?” but really a part of him appreciates the routine, not that he realises that.

Taiji is the next-door neighbour’s kid and the only thing keeping Jirou staying at his father’s house. A lot of children tend to find Jirou scary, but Taiji thinks he’s the coolest person he’s ever seen. He wants to be just like him one day. They met by Taiji’s parents dumping the kid around Jirou’s house to be watched so they could go out - something his father had been enabling for a couple of years already. Jirou ignored him at first, but it proved hard to do when Taiji determinedly followed him around the house everywhere. He warmed up to him eventually and actually considers Taiji as his little brother now.

Taiji adopted the habit of calling Jirou ‘Aniki’ and it’s not often you’ll see one without the other. Jirou looks after Taiji; makes sure he gets to school, walks him home again, buys him snacks and treats when he can. He’ll also skip class to go and support Taiji in his own school events, whether it’s performance or sports. Taiji likes to think he ‘looks after’ his big bro too - he always carries a handkerchief with him, often used to clean Jirou up after he’s been fighting. More recently he’s started having sticky plasters on hand too. Jirou doesn’t even mind that they’re the kid ones with cute patterns on.

Jirou has a stone-like expression most of the time, but when he's with Taiji, you can see him smile slightly sometimes. He usually shows how he feels with actions not words. Taiji does his best to be as cool and expressionless as Jirou, but he can’t help getting excited over things sometimes. He doesn't like people staring at his big brother though, since he considers them unworthy.

+ Jirou will sometimes hold Taiji while he kicks some guys ass