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Magic Goat Kid

【 Name 】 Kaleb Bright【 Gender 】 male
【 Age 】 17【 D.o.B. 】December 12
【 Orientation  Asexual biromantic【 Species 】 Yagimimi
【 Role 】 empathic healer【 Theme 】 Johnny Boy
【 Charisma 】

【 Empathy 】

【 Patience 】

【 Stamina 】

【 Courage 】

【 Integrity 】

【 Perception 】

【 Judgement 】

【 Intelligence 】
【 Humor 】

Kaleb has empathic healing powers. He can alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, and other negative feelings simply by shaking one's hand. This isn't a power that can be controlled, nor is it publicized, so he is simply assumed to have a good aura about him and is generally well-liked. Although people tend to like him, Kaleb is quite the introvert and likes to keep to himself. He gets unnecessarily anxious in many social situations. His "magic handshake" is what keeps him from getting too stressed out. It acts like some kind of social interaction insurance. However, the only person he can't use it on is himself, and sometimes he's the one who needs it most. Despite his good heart, he takes his handshake for granted quite often.

Kaleb's powers are marked by the presence of his goat ears and horns. Powered people are seen as unpredictable and risky because their powers can be good or bad. As a result, his birth parents quickly rejected him and gave him up for adoption. He was without a family until his powers were revealed to be safe and he was adopted by a kind couple.

Kaleb doesn't like to admit it, but he does have a bit of a feminine side. Sometimes a guy just wants to paint his nails (in a manly color) and wear manly skirts without judgement, you know?

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