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Name Amet (AH-may)
Age Ageless
Build Thin
Species BLISS
Gender Genderless
Oreint. ???
Pronouns He/She/They
Occupation Mage Apprentice
Creator disgustingcake
Worth $25
Design Notes

  • Common: Downward ears, normal tail
  • Uncommon: Claws
  • Mutations: Pattern on arms+legs+face+chest | Spiky Halo
  • They are 5'11" tall.

Amet is a less-than social BLISS that has taken a particular liking to Auracorns and magic. Their curious nature got them in a tough spot with the wrong people, and somehow through that turn of events they began following a brightly colored fox around calling him "sensei."

A little on the shy side and incredibly wary of people, Amet isn't a social butterfly by any means. They get lonely very easily ,and as a result, they stay in the proximity of people but away from the common eye. They are easily frightened by loud voices and noises, and when they are scared they let off a magical discharge that causes small events of chaos (electrical surges, electronic discharge, things coming loose, etc) and gets them in further trouble.

Their general demeanor is naive and quiet. They're inquisitive and curious of others despite their discomfort with other individuals. They wish to kick their first impressions of others and, despite their overwhelming shyness and fear, have a determination to have at least one person they call a friend. They have particular interest in magic and learning to control the powers they seemed to be born with.


  • Does not need to eat, but drinks rainwater-- sometimes will drink tea.
  • The halo absorbs sunlight, which is how they get their nutrition.
  • Only wears clothes because Enmu put them on them.
  • Their ears wiggle slightly when they think deeply.

A long time ago, there was a magical war that took place. Ever since that battle, the environment had become stained with chaotic magic. In these lands, humans do not tread, for death awaits them with open arms. From a crystal cluster on that battlefield, a Bliss blessed, and so Amet was born.

Amet spent time in the overgrown magical battlefield for a year or so after their birth before they made their way to civilization. Bearing the same coloration as the cursed landscape, they were regarded as a cursed being and shunned by the people close by. They had rocks thrown at them constantly, and developed a fear of humans. It didn't help at all that every time they had been jeered or spooked, they caused bad events to happen. So, sick of being mistreated, they traveled an awful long way from their birthplace.

After another year or so, they became lonely and found themselves back in social proximity. They had been attempting to learn to control their powers on their own and felt comfortable enough with it to enter a town, and they weren't regarded as any sort of heathen. They could get used to this, they thought, as they were able to learn more about humanity and other species. Curious about a specific red Auracorn, Amet followed them around to learn more about the species. He got awfully fed up with being followed and questioned, and nearly popped the poor thing out of stress. Well, he did technically pop, or poof, away from the situation where death was imminent. This is how they met Enmu.

Instead of fearing Enmu, they were absolutely enthralled with the Ringox that saved their life and begged him to teach them how to "do that." And they spent lots of time begging and pleading until Enmu gave in. With that, Enmu gained a more promising student and Amet was able to learn to control their powers.


Now they follow Enmu around, calling him Master, Lord, "Sensei," etc. They ask how high when asked to jump, and are incredibly excited about the world.


  • Magic
  • Enmu
  • Bright colors
  • Bugs
  • Warm, sunny days
  • Observing

  • Social interaction involving touching
  • Being told to speak up
  • Loud noises
  • The smell of sewage or carcasses
  • Magical Accidents

Enmu Shisen | Mentor

Amet is enamoured with Enmu on many levels. They enjoy his tricks and magic and wish to learn more about him at any turn. Outside of fascination, they rely heavily on him to guide then through the rest of their life. They probably don't realize Enmu is keeping them alive constantly or how tiring it is to keep them out of trouble.

Ember | Fellow Student

Amet considers Ember a good friend, even despite his sometimes pessimistic attitude. The two have a bond due to the similar way they were created. Amet hopes Ember can teach them some of that sweet healing magic one of these days where Ember hopes that Amet can learn how to control their energy.

Name | Relationship

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