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Name: Willow
Type: Bacterium (prokaryote)
Species: Bifidobacterium longum
Function: Probiotic
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Biromantic (feminine preference)
D.O.B: March 23, 2020 Age: 22 days (around 23-27 in human years), at death
P.O.B: London, England (UK)    
Personality: Kind, fun loving, playful, protective
Family: Amadea (mother), Loki (husband), Matthias (stepson), Annabelle (daughter), Lucius (father-in-law), Brooke, Scratcher and Meech (stepgrandsons), Vasiliy, Vladimir, Caesar and Umbra (great-stepgrandsons), Vesuvius and Etna (brothers-in-law), other Bifido's and SARS-CoV-2 virions
Likes: Her children, Loki, Amadea and Huxley (best friend), Hannah (her human), being a probiotic, helping or haling other microbes
Dislikes: Her family being in danger, mean microbes, oxygen, antibiotics
Affiliation: Good
Status: Deceased
Based On: Red kangaroo x pale fox hybrid
Appears In: The Lonely Prince, Virus Attack (cameo)
Created By: Tat'yana Sippy


Willow is a character from the Virus Attack universe.

She was a kind, fun loving Bifidobacterium, who traveled around the intestines, to heal sick microbes. She was always accompanied by a friendly Adenovirus virion, named Huxley. Willow was able to create objects and handy tools from lactic acid, which she stored in her pouch. She wore the pelt of Zikavirus, decorated with feathers of Salmonella enterica, as a scarf, and she used a bone of an unknown microbe as a melee weapon. Willow used almond milk as an antidote, to heal microbes who fell ill with Acid Disease.

Willow was married to Prince Loki, a SARS-CoV-2 virion, and they had a daughter together (Willow went in binary fission, and decided that Loki was the father). She was King Matthias's stepmother. Willow is in the afterlife, together with her husband and their daughter. They're waiting for King Matthias to join them, so they can be a happy family again.