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Full Name
Leela "Cherry" BrightSpeciesPowered Human (Energoid)
Age15Height5'7 (170 cm)
GenderFemaleWeight205 lbs (93 kg)
InfoLeela is a very lively, energetic girl who loves cute things and bright colors. She can often act hyper and kinda strange. She lives a very fast paced life, and probably shouldn't be given coffee ever. She often buys from online stores selling 'kawaii' clothing such as 'Perfect World Harajuku Fashion'. Her theme would be Snail's House - Ramune. She's a huge weeaboo. The top Tvtropes trope for her would be 'Genki Girl'. She doesn't want to have to worry, so she just avoids thinking about anything that she doesn't want to. That makes her come across as a lazy teenager who thinks she'll never have to grow up. But in truth, she's afraid. She feels she can never be prepared for real life, so, might as well fail school and act like a 7-year-old. Leela believes there is no worse and more pathetic human being than her, which is very toxic and simply not true. She's very dependent on the people around her, especially her brother Kaleb, since with one simple touch he can clear her mind of negative thoughts and feelings.
BackstoryLeela's birth family were all very powerful. They had large wings and strong powers. Leela herself has weak, small wings and little to no power. It's unknown how she was born with significantly less power than her family, but being very proud of their line, her birth family, especially her mother, were emotionally manipulative and abusive towards her. She was finally given to a different family almost a decade into her life, because her parents finally got tired of the "stain" on their line. This new family had already adopted a goat-boy named Kaleb, and they bonded quickly. The trauma of being rejected for being inadequate stayed with her for the rest of her life.