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Name: Treman Marcet
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birthday: August 30th
Build: Sturdy and box-like
Orientation: Bisexual
Short Description: the cool teacher with a robotic eye

      ✔ bad puns
      ✔ science
      ✔ anime
      ✔ rock music
      ✔ the color purple

      ✖ his robotic eye
      ✖ grooming
      ✖ popcorn
      ✖ violence
      ✖ sports


Treman Marcet (Mr. Marcet) is a 7th grade science teacher at Southglen School (combination of middle and high school.) He's a bit of a geek, being addicted to music, and he's always binge watching some kind of anime series. He's also very understanding and intelligent. However, he is easily scared, and clumsy to the point of losing some of his students' work (he gives them an A on the assignment if this happens, contributing to his good reputation with the students at school.) Among the staff, he is viewed as too much of a pushover, but the kids love him, to the point that, if in 7th grade, you had Mr. Marcet for science, you got automatic 'cool points'. On top of being a cool teacher, Treman is an advocate for free mental health services, due to a personal experience.

He is not currently in a relationship, but he is actively seeking one.


Treman was born with one of his eyes damaged. For most of his life, he simply wore an eyepatch. Then when he was able to get a job, he started saving up for an electronic replacement that could communicate with his brain. After years of work, he found a model he could afford, and got it in his favorite color, purple.

Treman has 2 older sisters- Idan Marcet (deceased, 6 years older) and Dilina Issacsen (married, 4 years older). His parents had a very good relationship. They were a very close but lower-class family in a bad-condition house. Idan had always been a tomboy, so it was no surprise when she decided to help with the then-current war between their country and the neighboring country. She fought well for a good 2 years until she was discharged due to her losing her leg. She also appeared to have been mentally scarred from the horrors of the war. That was a surprise. Idan had always been headstrong. She continued with her misery, while her family desperately searched for a mental health expert who they could afford- their insurance was really crappy. But about 4 months after she returned, she ran off. It was later revealed she had committed suicide. Since they were such a close-knit family, everyone took it quite hard, Treman especially.