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  • Agnes Vang

  • Age 18-21
  • Gender female
  • Race white (caucasian)
  • Role former rich girl
  • Alignment neutral good
7861883_ATzAI6nUM2BTcTL.png Agnes is a timid and cute young adult. She was formerly spoiled, coming from a rich family, but now she has to adjust to needing to earn her prosperity like everyone else. She finds it difficult to work. She is benevolent in nature, and very forgiving, to a fault. Due to her sheltered upbringing, it's hard for her to realize a toxic person, and if she does, she's so unlikely to hold a grudge that she gives repeated second chances. She is easily taken advantage of because of this. She takes pride in herself and usually doesn't reveal her insecurities. She's the type to get upset and oversensitive whenever someone points out a flaw of hers. Agnes is also conscious about her appearance. Her wardrobe and outfits are very deliberate and she likes to adhere to a specific aesthetic of pink, mint, and gray. She's very aware that she's able to pull off the chubby and soft look and accentuates that. She doesn't seem like the type to read much, but she does, sometimes finishing a book in one sitting. 


DoB:September 2nd
Height:5'0 (152 cm)
Build:short and chubby
Theme: in iolite
  • sweets, especially ice cream
  • classical music
  • lip gloss
  • work
  • being center of attention
  • diets











Agnes grew up a stereotypical bratty rich kid. She was spoiled and sheltered throughout her childhood, and due to her snobbiness, she was unpopular in middle and high school. She was often alone and that led her to dislike talking to people. The other kids interpreted this as her being aloof and 'too good for others'. This only added to her already negative reputation. It led to her internal dislike of herself, but she never let it show. In her junior and senior years of high school, she was especially insufferable and bratty as a protective layer. Inside, she wished to become more social, but she could never bring herself to speak to anyone. At home, Agnes wasn't required to do any housework, so she never developed any hint of a work ethic. Then, as soon as she turned 18, her parents kicked her out of their home. They had apparently read up on discipline and decided to teach her a harsh lesson about the real world.

Early Story

Agnes was allowed to keep her retro mint-colored motor scooter when she was kicked out. She used it to travel the area. She had no money, so she amassed a bit of debt for food, gas, and hotel stays. Her panic of not knowing what the heck to do manifested in her frequent travel. This caused her motor scooter to get dirty often, so she went to a nearby car wash. She met Umeko there, who had just started her job at that place. Since her life had already turned upside down, Agnes made the bold move to try to talk to this girl. Despite their differences, they got along decently. Agnes started to develop a crush on 'the car wash girl' and came there increasingly often in the following month. Eventually, Umeko started washing Agnes's vehicle for free. They became used to each other. Umeko persuaded Agnes to get a job at the car wash as a cashier. She also let her stay in her tiny apartment. The two young adults became a lot closer and a romantic relationship slowly developed.

Late Story

Agnes' work as a cashier was difficult for her. Work was an almost physical pain for her and it gave her a feeling of dread. Umeko helped her work through this- though it never truly went away. She was able to earn enough to live and began to try to pay off her debts. Unfortunately money was still tight, since her credit score was abysmal. On a more positive note, since she was eating less, Agnes also noticed a little bit of weight loss, and her clothes became too big after a year or so of her new life. She had some money saved for this very occasion and she and Umeko went on a shopping date to pick out some new clothes that would fit. This was significant because Agnes finally felt like a normal person for once in her life. She felt triumphant. She also, over a few years, became more desensitized to work, and got a new job at 20 as a waitress at Reggie's Dine and Dance, a local restaurant. She tried her best to be polite and charming to the customers, and got decent tips because of it. At 21, Agnes was able to move into a less cramped apartment, and since she and Umeko were so used to living together, she came too.



[ girlfriend ] Umeko is Agnes' best and only support. They are very comfortable around each other. While the two don't show a lot of physical affection, they are very emotionally intimate.



[ bitter acquaintances ] (Alice is my friend PlayfulPastry's character, and is not yet on TH) Alice acts very creepy toward Agnes, frequently dressing as her, as a bizarre joke to annoy her and Umeko. Agnes is disturbed by this and thinks of Alice as an extremely strange person, in a bad way. Agnes used to like strawberry milk, but meeting Alice, who's obsessed with it, left a bad taste in her mouth, figuratively and literally. The whole situation sounds like it came out of a sitcom.



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