Fei Yen



3 years, 10 months ago

Basic Info


Sawashiro Miyuki


August 28






martial arts training, helping others, green tea, bright colors, haiku poetry


injustice, liars, those who indulge in their desires too much



Fei Yen is a Sun Venia so she has a spiritual fire rings around one ear (her right, our left) and her tail. She is fairly muscular because of her training. She is a fairly flat A cup, but the part of her outfit covering her chest has a curved design that gives the illusion of breasts. Being a Sun Venia, she is fair-skinned.


Fei Yen has always been a very boyish girl. Because she spent so much of her childhood and teen years training and dedicating herself to learning, she is a little awkward in social situations. She is kind and always means well, but she is not very eloquent and can sometimes be outright tactless. Fei is bad at reading the atmosphere, which she is very aware of, so she's more comfortable in social situations where others lead and she follows. Fei is a very good listener and only speaks up herself when she's among people whom she knows well.

She is loyal, dutiful, and places a great deal of importance in honor and upholding justice. She sees the Venias' work as noble and she takes great pride in helping guide humans to the underworld. Fei has few hobbies outside of her work, but she greatly cherishes the time she spends with her friends and loved ones.

Because she herself is not very artistic or good at speaking, Fei Yen greatly admires people who are. She tries very hard to improve herself in poetry-writing, but she is not quite delicate enough to get past the literal level into the more symbolic or metaphoric. Still, she can read and interpret poetry very well and enjoys reading it very much.

Though she originally was much more unyielding about her beliefs, since her relationship with Aeneas she's become a bit more flexible. Fei Yen's indecisiveness regarding their relationship has led her to become more hesitant than before, so she doesn't dive recklessly into situations anymore. However, it's also opened up her mind and heart to alternative. Instead of seeing the world as black and white, she has to admit that there are shades of gray to everything. This does lead her to fall into Aeneas' arms when she has moments of weakness, but she has never once denied her love for him. She spends a lot of time thinking about her goals and her place in the world. Fei Yen knows herself very well, which also makes her harder on herself when she makes mistakes.

Her emotions always show plainly on her face. She is not good at feigning emotions or faking interest. When annoyed, she will show it immediately. When sad, she will cry. Fei is very honest and so she's very harsh towards liars and she tends to hold grudges. She is loyal, a little too trusting of others, and always quick to apologize if she's done something wrong. Though she may seem too reserved or difficult to deal with at first, people will always come to like her after getting to know her because she is so warm and kind beneath her somewhat stiff exterior.


Fei Yen was raised listening to epic poems about the great Venia warriors of the past. Since she was a child, she dreamed of one day joining their ranks and so she worked very diligently at becoming stronger (she wields a fauchard, but can also fight using martial arts) and making herself more knowledgeable about Venias, Devoras, and Hanakomis. Still, she spent much of her time in her village and so she didn't have much practical knowledge about the world until she set out on her own. Because of her trusting nature, those around her feared that she would be taken advantage of once she left home. Their fears were well-founded. Once she was away from home and outside of her safety net, Fei Yen had trouble adjusting. She was having a difficult time figuring out her place in the world and how she could contribute and help. She started writing more poetry, folding them into boats and floating them down the river as a way to vent her uncertainties and frustrations. Fei did not expect anyone to read the poems, let alone reply, but she soon began to receive responses. She was mortified at first and did not reply for many days, but eventually was too intrigued not to. The correspondence reminded her of romantic stories she'd read in her youth and the person on the other end was so kind, attentive, and good at writing that Fei Yen, inexperienced with love as she was, became rather smitten. It became clear that the other person—a man—shared her sentiments, so they arranged to meet face-to-face...