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Kuugen Fumiko

Age 21
Vessel Specie Mirror Demon
Soul Specie Angel
Gender Male
Pronouns He
Height 5’08”
Orientation Everywhere
Voice E ve

"Hi, I'm Kuugen, and I have no right to be here!"

A bit of a lovable foolish idiot. His personality is relatively random and unpredictable, and he serves as the comic relief in his squad. He tends to perform actions normal people find "inappropriately odd." He loves to try new things out of his comfort zone. In serious times, however, he can get emotional and a good guy to seek comfort with.
He has problems fighting and he can't focus on one thing for too long unless if he's agitated,
Kuugen is a VERY Good chef (surprisingly), good artist, can somewhat fly. Although he forgets how to read sometimes.

Wings: Large Feathered White Wings. Keeps them hidden often.
Abilities: Can copy an opponent's abilities and attacks, "Third Eye" a weird ability that manifests in his right eye. It enables him to see things none other can see. He can see Red String ties and Opponent Stats and next decision. If used for too long, his eye bleeds.

Random: Stickman01 created a Dimension inhabited by Kuugens who worship a Banashiro

When Kuugen was first born, he was an angel. Though just not any angel, he was the Fourth Angel of the Apocalypse. Over time, he was worn down and eventually he lost his body and his soul became a wandering spirit looking for vessels to possess. He found himself in mirrors most of the time, reflecting the personalities of his hosts. All the multitudes of values his hosts had often left him with an identity crisis.
Eventually, he manifested within Koushiro's negative thoughts. Eventually, Koushiro split his own vessel in half before he was completely possessed, granting Kuugen his own body. Kuugen, a mirror demon, tried to pull himself together afterwards, and soon enough found a place within his friend group. He tries to hide his own past with his airheaded attitude.

Proposal to Nebula (wife) | TW: contains mature jokes

I pledge to the flag of America I did not just wet my pants in front of my mate... And I vow to eat a banashiro everyday... I want to be with Nebbs cuz she is HOTDAMN and I'd totally tap dat ass plus I love her from the bottom of my heart. My father once told me a man can be small even when he's big down there! I swear I didn't piss my pants, I ejaculated!! I also--hey Nebbs there's a mini banashiro in your hair *picks it out*--will protect my mate even if it costs me my virginity! I, Kuugen Fumiko, AM GAY and theREFORE I LIKE WOMEN. Also I need new pants I shit my current pair. I declare my loyalty to Nebula and I will not let her down. I do not care if I am torn to shreds by wolves because Koushiro will be the one to feel the pain. I pledge to drive Nebula up the wall everyday and get pummeled as our future childre--*Stares at Nebula creepily* Is there a vacant room with a bed? I want children NOW

[ Mate ]
Loves her so much

[ Mother ]
She probably doesn't like him very much, but he still visits family gatherings and all. Carmen helps him occasionally.

[ Son ]
Yoru often expresses his disapproval at his father's antics.

[ Friend ]
Once manifested from Koushiro's negative thoughts, Kuugen is fully independent and acts on his own now.


Internal turmoil
Self reflection