Knut Nielsen



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Knut Nielsen
  • Name Knut Nielsen
  • Age 15
  • Gender Male
  • Height 151cm
  • Orientation Gay
  • Type Human
  • Birthday 19.3 (Pisces/Aries cusp)
  • Alignment Lawful neutral
  • Occupation Squire (prev: king’s page boy)
  • Weapon Crossbow (main) / sword (secondary)
  • Magic Wind
  • Music X | X | X | X

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"Well, I'll have you know," Knut said with an air of self importance, "that I used to the king's page boy, so you should show some respect, be nice to me and let me back down on the ground at once!"

Having worked as the king’s page boy practically his whole childhood, Knut has become somewhat arrogant and self-important about his previous position, thinking of himself as a big deal and bragging about this at any chance he gets. As such, he can come across as intimidating and overbearing to others, but in actuality Knut is no different from other boys his age, even if he might put up a strong and haughty front. Most consider him a comic relief of sort as Knut is all bark and no bite, and is usually more harm to himself than to others. He doesn't usually think before he acts and has a strong need to prove himself, which usually results in him overestimating his abilities and failing in whatever he is trying, often hilariously.

Deep inside (or perhaps not even that deep inside) he is very insecure and places his own worth heavily on external validation, reflecting himself through other people. This makes him very social, and after you get to know him better Knut is actually a very loyal and obedient boy, although with quite an overbearing attitude at times. He does have a more timid and shy side too, especially when feelings are involved, and when the situation really calls for it, Knut can be a great source of motivation to others and their battle (or training) morale. Furthermore, he doesn't intentionally want to cause harm to others, and usually feels pretty bad if he learns he has actually hurt someone's feelings.

Despite his overwhelming self confidence and desire to become a knight, Knut doesn’t seem to possess much talent as a knight-in-training: not only is he small and weak in size compared to his peers, but also seems to let his own arrogance get the better of him, making him do reckless things to show off to others - and then get into trouble for it. In fact, Knut seems to be very skilled in literally everything else but being a knight, yet he still burns with a determination to become one. His only saving grace seems to be the job of a falconer: he handles the birds with love and care, and is relatively good at hawk hunting.

Knut, Tobias and Sven are considered the problem students of their peer group, and thus usually teamed up together. They're trying their hardest not to get kicked out of the training, all for different reasons, and although they don't seem to mesh really well, the three have a strong bond between them. Knut is also mentored by the knight Emeraude, and is also affiliated with her twin brother, Aristide.


It’s somewhat hard to tell if Knut’s puberty is late or if it’s just very subtle: he has barely any shapes in his body, with his shoulders, waist and hip all aligning almost perfectly, shoulders only slightly broader than the rest of his body (which he tends to also put more focus on with his clothing choices). He has a well-proportioned body with a balanced ratio, but he's awfully scrawny considering he is a squire, and he doesn’t gain muscle easily. In addition to his short height of only 151cm, Knut has an overall petite and lithe build for a man.

His head is round-ish but with some masculine angularity to it, but his otherwise very feminine facial features tend to overpower his face: he has very visibly pink lips with a larger lower lip, small and somewhat round nose with its tip pointing upwards a little and large, yellow eyes with longer upper lashes framing his eyes. He also has a dark mole on the left corner of his mouth and small but long eyebrows. Due to his large and light eyes, Knut has a very strong - almost eerie - gaze, but he doesn’t come across as scary to others thanks to his personality. Knut is sometimes seen wearing lipstick, something his teachers aren't all too happy with, but can't do anything about.

Knut is usually seen wearing a white tunic with orange collar and hems. On top of this he wears a short red jacket of short with fur attached to the neck and shoulder area, giving more focus on his shoulders and making him look slightly bigger in build than he really is. He also wears simple gray brown pants with the hems tugged inside black boots that reach mid-calf.

He has a pleasant, somewhat husky voice that makes him appear more like his age despite being on the smaller side, but it tends to rise almost comically high when he gets intimidated or very flustered. He also has the tendency to gesture a lot when around his peers, and has a rather lively disposition, but he assumes a more serious and stiff exterior when on his duties. Knut has a particularly expressive face probably due to his big and dark rimmed eyes, and his very attention-grabbing lips.


Confident to a fault, Knut thinks highly of himself as a result of serving as the king’s page boy almost his whole childhood. While this special privilege hasn’t entirely gone into his head to the point of him being completely unpleasant and irredeemable, it has made Knut very self-important and overly sure of his own abilities. While he does excel in many things, he has a somewhat warped sense of his own skill level and often tries to do things far beyond his current abilities, which then angers and frustrates him when he fails. He is not a sore loser per sa and can even admit his own defeat (if the other person doesn’t start to brag, that is), but defeats and failures tend to bother Knut greatly and he can mull over them for unnecessarily long times while getting nowhere.

He is very demanding of himself, but surprisingly doesn’t really boss others around: he is used to following orders, and doesn’t feel any particularly interest in leadership. He will take the leadership position if he has the opportunity to, but otherwise is more than alright in being more of a backup person - after all, Knut thinks he will shine brightly no matter what kind of job he does, because he is just that great. He is far more cooperative and willing to do group work than one would expect from a boy like him though, and he actually enjoys working with others a lot, even if others might not enjoy working with him.

With new people Knut is reserved to a healthy degree, and usually doesn’t have big problems dealing with others - usually it’s the others having a problem with Knut. While not particularly charismatic, Knut is an alright speaker and can sometimes even turn bad first impressions into a much better ones once he gets to talk to people a bit more. He also tends to open up very fast once a bond is established with him, and he isn’t very hesitant to talk about his feelings when the topic comes up. However, he doesn’t like showing his feelings to others when out of these kind of trusting conversations, and instead saves his bursts of emotions for later. He is especially hesitant to cry in front of others, which is unfortunate because his eyes are easy to tear up even when he isn’t sad: any emotion, when intense enough, can cause him to tear up without him actually crying.

Knut has a strong need to feel important and needed, and can end up doing all sort of weird odd jobs if it means someone he likes will acknowledge him and his “excellent and humble work”. He constantly needs someone to look up to, as well as someone to gently compete with, as Knut has trouble reflecting himself if it’s not through other people. Resulting from this, Knut likes to have good relationships with others, even if it can be hard for others to like him at first because of his attitude. He also has a strong drive to prove himself whenever just possible, resulting in many dangerous and reckless situations when Knut goes into the action without thinking of the consequences.

Coming from a relatively average family, Knut’s subconsciously uses his old page boy position as a way to reassure himself he is still important and special, and in no way inferior to others despite his humble background. He claims to have a great self esteem, but most of what he perceives as self esteem is actually very foolish self assurance, and he is still a tad insecure about his own worth as a person. As becoming a knight has been his dream since an early age, he is also afraid of not being good enough: while not wanting to admit it, Knut knows he is something of a runt of the group of squires. He is hopeful about growing bigger and taller, but knowing his family genetics, Knut is afraid this might only be a dream. He isn’t touchy about his size though when used as an insult or a jest, and doesn't seem to be insecure about his appearance either, as long as it's not used against his dreams of knighthood.

While his inferiority has shaped him a little haughty, Knut has a very calm temperament and can even be a little shy when feelings are involved. It might not always be easy to notice, but he does have a calmer and more timid side underneath the exterior of false confidence. There is also a reassuring and protective side to him, particularly apparent when he's dealing with people weaker than him.


Knut was born to a hunter family near the town of Kide, where both of his parents hunted and made clothes and other everyday items out of animal parts and sold them. Born into a family with hunting dogs and a pet cat, Knut grew up imitating the animals, and his parents often had their hands full keeping him away from eating from their plates or sleeping in their outdoor cages. Likewise, it took his parents real effort to make the child stop making animal noises at people and to walk on all fours - something Knut is now as older very embarrassed about.

Despite his strange, animal-like behavior, his childhood was relatively peaceful, much of it thanks to the environment they lived in: surrounded by forests and small lakes, the remote little town and its people always kept their eyes on Knut collectively, ensuring his safety. Before Knut's birth his parents had a son called Johan, who sadly died very young and so this made the young parents particularly protective of Knut, up until his little sister was born 4 years after Knut. He enjoyed the role of a big brother, and by this time he had already learned out of most of his animalistic quirks.

Growing up with his parents reading him stories of knights, Knut wanted to become one since a very young age and was downright obsessed with the idea of becoming one. He'd always want to play a knight when roughhousing around kids his age, and would always tell everyone what he would do when he was a knight, and how he'd make sure nobody would have to be scared of the shadow creatures lurking in the night - a problem particularly visible in north, where the nights were long and sun away for months at worst. 

Becoming a page boy

He became a page boy to the king by accident: initially he was supposed to become a page for a knight in order to become a squire later, but when visiting the capital Knut accidentally got separated from his family and wandered the big city all on his own. Getting lost and separated didn’t scare him much though, and instead the precocious boy used this as an opportunity to explore, accidentally running into the queen of Agane while she was out shopping for furs. Knut, as someone with a lot of knowledge regarding furs and fur accessories, ended up helping the queen to choose the best furs most suitable for her. The queen, in turn, was very charmed by the small boy who so excitedly talked about the quality of furs without even realizing he was talking to a royalty.

This set the gears in motion, and before Knut even realized it, he had become the king’s page boy, as he was just as charmed by the boy as his wife was. It was an unusual promotion for a commoner to become a court page boy, and although Knut knew this would interfere with his knight dreams, he had no place to decline the offer. And so, with somewhat heavy heart, he accepted the invitation to join the castle.

Serving the court

Being the first common born page boy in the court, Knut was instantly the talk of the court and the subject of jealousy and teasing from the other two page boys, Horace and Albus. However, the royal pair were fair and kind to Knut regardless of what people talked about him, and he was eventually able to charm the other nobles over with his knowledge on topics nobles didn't by default know much. He was also a fast learner compared to the other two boys, being particularly good at dealing with animals like horses and hawks.

Eventually Albus and Horace would also let go of their jealousy towards Knut, and little by little the three became very close with each other, a lot of it thanks to Knut saving them from an angry moose once when they were outside in the woods.

Civil war of Agane

During the civil war of Agane, Knut was around 11 years old and spent more time with the royal pair than normally, as the times were difficult and both of them very stressed out. Knut was scared, but he admired the royal knights who protected them, his dreams of becoming one only strengthening as the war went on. He was 13 by the time the civil war ended, with the royal knights being victorious.

In the court, soon after the war ended, Knut also got to know the knight Emeraude and her brother Aristide. Emeraude took it upon herself to train Knut for the upcoming enrolling for the proper squire training, and Aristide in turn was very interested in Knut's strange abilities that remind him of himself when he was younger, almost certain Knut was a beast tamer like him. With the help of the twins, Knut was finally able to start catching up with the squire duties he had previously been neglected on, but unfortunately this wasn't quite enough: by the time he enlisted into the royal army knight training, it immediately became clear his skill level was far below of those who had already been serving as knights' pages. 

However, he cannot be faulted for the lack of determination, and he has vowen to show everyone he will get his knight title, no matter what it takes.

Skills & Abilites

  • In terms of knight skills, Knows how to handle hawks: he's relatively good at hawk hunting, which seems to be the only thing that keeps him from not being kicked out of the knight training.

  • He also prefers a crossbow over a sword, and relies on long distance weapons to make up with the lack of physical power. However, he thinks sword is a Must for a knight and so he wants to learn it too, even if he has difficulties holding and swinging a sword for a long time.

  • Despite having the core for wind magic, Knut is not much of a wind user: he mostly uses it for practical things like drying his hair or knocking things down in a battle. He can rise the wind to some degree, but it takes him a lot of effort and wears him out fast due to lack of practice.

  • When thrown, tossed or falling, Knut almost always lands on his feet. Added by the fact he gets almost extraordinarily well along with animals and can imitate sounds that shouldn't be possible for normal people, it's practically a given fact he's a beast tamer. However, as Taros continent doesn't officially recognize the class, Knut has no idea about this and probably never will.

  • Was taught how to sing, play a kantele and play chess in the court. He doesn’t sing all that much even if he knows how to and isn’t half bad, but he is very good at playing the kantele, and is an alright opponent in chess. He is capable of hitting very high notes despite his voice having changed already, another very strong hint of him being a beast tamer, as their vocal chords are different from normal people.

  • Knut's knowledge in falconry comes from having assisted the king on his hunts: knowing of Knut's dreams of becoming a knight, he tried his hardest to get him familiar with things like horse tending and falconry to make up with the lack of a proper knight training.

  • Knut very much likes hawks, and treats them gently and with utmost care.

  • He got red lip paint from some noble as a present during his service in the court, and Knut considers it his treasure. He has gotten quite good at applying the paint on his lips and there is nothing anyone can do to stop him: Knut doesn't find it odd a man is wearing lipstick at all, and anyone who tells him he shouldn't do that is simply jealous of him and that he received a cool gift from a noble.

  • He is actually kind of funny once you get to know him, although not intentionally - he just tends to say very silly things with a straight face. Added by the fact he's always up for mischief of some sort, he's pretty entertaining if not a little stressful to observe from afar.

  • Likes to dress up in furs at any given occasion because they remind him of home. He misses his parents a lot, but never mentions this to anyone, not wanting to appear weak in front of them.

  • So worked up over becoming a knight that he doesn't even seem to be aware he is gay, or that he's absolutely smitten with Albus, whom Knut always writes letters to. Their feelings seem to be more or less mutual, but both of them seem to be so preoccupied with their respective dreams they have no time to think about love.