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Basic Info

Full Name

Faris Marling


Fuyuyama Jun






writing in his journal, practicing swordsmanship, eating gourmet food


gross food, losing fights, threats to Khrideus' safety, being questioned/talked back to


Faris is a Tesserabbit.


  • Lean but muscular body that was built for quick, concentrated strength instead of bulk
  • White/blue layered hair and blue eyes; snow-white skin due to his family being from the north originally
  • normally he has a calm, blank face even when he’s actually angry or sad because he believes it’s improper to show his emotions too much--it’s only when he’s alone or only with Khrideus that he might show stronger facial expressions
  • Because of his perfectionistic nature, he tends to dress very properly; he wears a full suit of armor when leaving the castle and lighter armor when he’s inside the castle


Main points are that he’s stoic, quiet, and diligent. once you get to know him, however, you see that he is actually perfectionistic to a fault and is too focused on details. he can actually get annoyed easily when things are out of place or don’t go the way he expects, but he doesn’t show it very much. despite how cold he may seem on the surface, Faris is kind, steadfast, and eager to please.


The Marling family has long served as royal knights to the Bathurst royal family. From a young age, he would tag along with his father to the castle and it was there that he was told to become the playmate and sparring partner of the young prince Khrideus Bathurst, five years younger than Faris. Because of their similar temperaments, they got along well but Khrideus resented the fact that Faris went easy on him and deferred to him due to their difference in status.

Over time, they got to know each other better and Faris relaxed his manners around the young prince. When he came of age, Faris followed in his father's footsteps and became a knight, as well. He swore an oath to Khrideus and became the prince's first knight. Acknowledged as one of the strongest warriors in the kingdom, he protects Khrideus but also tries to be a source of mental support, as well.

Relationship with Khrideus

Due to the calm, stable nature of their relationship, even though Faris and Khrideus are lovers and are passionate about each other, the way they act seems much more like a couple married for many years. Faris understands Khrideus very well despite his cold exterior (and vice versa) and often understands what his prince wants or needs before Khrideus himself realizes. Deep in his heart, Faris is afraid of the fact that Khrideus is loyal to his family code. He worries that once Khrideus becomes king, he will have to take a queen and devote himself to the country/his own family. So while he cherishes their time together and would gladly give his life for his prince, he is very insecure about the future. Faris' quiet, stoic behavior masks a deep sadness.