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Basic Info


Tadej | Depressed Guy | #000000


black (#000000), dark purple (#2C006B), dark red (#940000), grey (#808080)





Birth place

Ä+*4~ - Rich area

Current residence

Ä+*4~ - Central Area


Satanic priest, Band JURE! and the others, Metal Sheep

First Appearance

Big Book of Lame Jokes vol.1 (115)


Growing up



  • Tadej was born into a happy home to Theodore and Liliane.

Elementary school:

  • Soon after Tadej started going to school, Liliane died, leaving little Tadej scarred for life.
  • In school, Tadej met Tim, Nina and Andrej. He soon became best friends with Andrej.
  • Theodore started raising Tadej to become a satanic priest when he grows up.

High school:

  • Tadej starts working as a satanic priest with his father Theodore.
  • Tadej falls in love with Tim, but Tim is not interested.
  • Tadej dates Nina, but only to get closer to Tim. They soon break up.

After school:

  • Tadej moves in with Andrej, but after a while Andrej moves out. Instead, Tadej moves in with Simon and later also Tina.

Physical appearance


Appearance and Style:


Above: Tadej Sims 4, Chibi, Polyvore Outfit
Below: Tadej's color theme


Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Type: mole
Other: N/A
Color 1: #000000
Color 2: #2C006B
Color 3: #940000
Color 4: #808080

Tadej likes to make a point with what he wears. He wars a lot of black to show the world how depressed he is, and as a satanic preast he also wears clothing with satanic symbols.


Depressed Tadej doesn't really care if he lives or dies. He does what he wants without caring for the consequences on his health and he is no stranger to self harm and suicide attempts. He did also die a few times, but so far GLitter God and Satan don't thing it's his tiem to die quite yet.




  • Depressed - Death of his mother left Tadej scarred for life. He's usually depressed or in a bad mood with little to no will to be alive.
  • Mean - Tadej is depressed and wants everyone around his to feel the same. He doesn't seem to care much about others or their feelings and might often seem cruel, even to his close friends.
  • Sensitive - Altough Tadej seems cold, his closest friends know that's just an act. He is very sensitive and when he gets hurt, he takes is particularly hard and takes his frustrations out on himself or others.
  • Outspoken - Tadej will always say exactly what's on his mind, without caring about what others think about it. In fact, he takes pleasure in in hurting other people's feelings. But it's all only to open their eyes and make them realize how shitty life really is.
  • -







Parents: Liliane & Theodore

Siblings: none

Pet: Asmodeo

BFF: Andrej
Tadej met Andrej in elementary school. He was one of few people who understood him and was at the same time confident enough not to let Tadej's offputting personality scare him away. Andrej prved himself to be a good and reliable friend, and also a bit of an asshole to people when he wants their money and that's something Tadej can approve of.

Lover: we'll see (known exes: Nina, Kiki, Christine(?), Mannequin, random girls)
Tadej wants to be loved, he really does, but it's hard for him to deal with other people. He's had a crush on Tim since high school, but Tim doesn't seem interested. Tadej dated Nina for a while and he did like her, but he was more interested in getting closer to Tim. Tadej and Nina broke up after a while and he has been trying to fill the void in his heart with oother girls. Sadly, not a lot of them are interested in him, and even the ones that are soon change their mind after getting to know him.


Tadej hates people. That's it. He hates them and wants to see them suffer.
With the exception of few close friends.
But he likes to see them suffer too.
But that's ok because mostly other people don't really like him either.




Satanic priest
Tasks: serving the holy Glitter Satan
Band - JURE! and the others, Metal Sheep
Tasks: participating in JURE! and the others' and Metal Sheep's activities (concerts, videos, interviews)


Elementary School: Both of Tadej's parents were very smart and sucessfull people, and Tadej never thought of being any different. He vas very smart and interested in many different things.
High School: Tadej continues doing his best. His dad is a smart man and teaches him about religion and history, but Tadej is interested in many different things.
After School: Tadej works with his dad at the temple of the Holy Satan, and also starts a band with is friends.

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