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Hey you!

Please be mindful of all of my characters. No stealing designs, colorpicking, ect. Anything of the sort. If you get inspired off of one, feel free to make your own as long as it isn't a carbon copy, therefore, by clicking the button to proceed, you're agreeing to those few things. If you ignore and try to snatch/steal any of these, I will personally take out your kneecaps =)


TW: Some characters and their bios do include violence, mentions of drugs, alcohol, some gore, ect. Things of that sort. If you are uncomfortable with any of this, I suggest you don't look in folders such as "Main Storyline" and be mindful of a few in "Mains" if you insist on looking at my characters. If you care here for a commission, please do PM me if you are uncomfortable with any of this and I will send you a reference of the character from a site that doesn't have their information.

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