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Basic Info







Alt Mode






A small, light bot, aqua in color with magenta eyes and metallic copper accents. Alt mode is a small, sleek custom motorcycle, in her robot mode she's not even as tall as Arcee.


A strange mix of upbeat but jaded, and yet still naive in many ways. Is afraid of an assortment of things, which can be summed up to 'a little bit of everything'. However she is particularly neurotic about things being balanced, commander class sized cybertronians and fliers. (Mardic, oddly enough, remains the only flier she has found any comfort around)

She places great worth on being useful or of value to others and often goes to great lengths to 'prove herself'. Is prone to self-destructive tendencies such as high-grade binging and ripping off a piece of her own armor.


Despite never being trained for it, Ridir is a remarkable Marksman, preferring sniper rifles over her original issued weapons. (a long lost pair of electric tonfas)  Due to being alone with Mardic, she eventually gained extensive knowledge on weapons crafting and maintenance in trying to keep her own rifle working..

Personal Life

Her current day to day activities is mostly focused on survival than anything. Both in the war and with herself.


Originally created as part of a project to better engage with the inhabitants of Earth, making bots that were smaller, less intimidating to work with humans and act as multiple liaisons between autobots and humans. Minicons were considered too small for the task, having a slightly smaller bots that were a kind of in-between meant they could serve humans while also being more or less self-sufficient, even if they weren’t intended for frontline combat.

Ridir had just been sparked and starting basic training, education and adaptation when she already started exhibiting signs of a glitch only a few years in. It started minor, an unease around uneven things that escalated more so over time. Many peers response to noticing her behavior was to aggravate the matter further.

Things came to a head when she had been harassed to the point that she lashed out. A case was made that in her current state she would be a danger to her team and was set to be shipped to a ‘repair and reconditioning’ facility. Not wanting to be potentially wiped and rewritten, Ridir ran away in mid-transit. She drifted from base to base keeping a low profile until she found Mardic, and the two remained together to watch each other’s backs.

Despite all this, she still considers herself an Autobot, not a neutral, she just hopes for reform in the treatment of glitched bots such as herself.