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My Rules, Fandoms, ect.


Amia Rose (Peachy)

What I'm looking for;

I'm looking for a dominant male in their 20's, with a whimsical personality. Someone who likes a good laugh but all the same can be quite intimidating in their own right when things get serious. Since this is gonna be a mafia rp more or less I figured they'd be the youngest in line to their father's business. [Never done a mafia rp before so bare with me ;;]

- 1-2 paragraphs at most. My starters are always long, don't worry.
- Reasonable response time (A few times a day, or once a day at least)
- I prefer Discord but if you can't that's fine. It's optional.
- No godmods, overpowered characters, I'm looking for a 50/50 mutual obligation.
- Do not control my character's, leave enough room in your post for my character to react.

I tend to try and reply at least once a week if I get super busy, if  you're gone for a week and I'm still interested I will msg you. If I'm  no longer interested in the rp I will tell you. I'm very straightforward  so please don't take it personally if I say I don't want to continue.  It's not you per-say more so than it's just my interest shifting again.

(Should smut be involved later on)
- Chemistry, Romance, Angst, Drama
- No weird fetishes (mutual's only)[The most I'll end up offering is a little bit of BDSM / Biting]
- Please have a reasonable amount of experience with smut rp.

Location and Grounding

Modern Day / Mafia / Drama / Kidnapping / Romance


Your oc happens to be apart of the mafia, they live well off with their father in charge, business thriving in their chosen domain, but something is missing in their life. They've always had a soft spot for innocent things, despite their harsh environment. And upon gaining some new territory, they manage to find a sliver of light within their dark confides, a young lady.

It started with a little mishap, your oc had met up at an office to settle down for some personal affairs, only to get stood up, and in turn, storm out, only to get caught in a sudden downpour. Caught under a canopy they're approached by my oc, who is kind enough to escort them to a small cafe and offer them a beverage, apparently they work there. Charmed by this little maiden's kindness, your character begins to make the occasional round into the cafe, finding the overall situation quaint in itself. 

But for some reason, the next few times your oc comes around to visit, mine isn't nowhere to be found. Leaving a bittersweet feeling in your oc as they return to their business.

It isn't until one of your oc's guardsmen comment that they should look into getting themselves a new toy to occupy their feelings. It isn't quite what your oc is after, but they decide to go with it, not having any other means to compensate their hollow feelings. In turn they end up at an underground auction, where they are then faced with a rather startling discovery.

That the young maiden that had charmed him had been kidnapped and left to be sold in such a defiled state.

Finding the overall setup too coincidental, they bid and in turn manage to rescue the poor girl from there. Where he then takes her to his own settlement, with plans in mind to keep her safe. For who better to do so than someone with as much money as him?

Of course she doesn't quite see it the same way as he does, even when she's left a room all her own with everything she could possibly need, she wants to go home. But of course your oc explains that it isn't so easy, what if she gets caught again? The chances of him finding her again are slim to none.

There's a bit of back and forth, I figured my oc might not have much to go back home to, and in turn slowly settle into her new lifestyle while maybe trying to find a means out of it? But through time she becomes conflicted with your oc, not really ever having someone care as much for her, and in turn isn't sure how to feel about wanting to leave at that point.

Question's in the comments, RP's in the DM's.