Lentil Mani



1 year, 10 months ago


Name: Lentil Mani

Age:   27

Birthday: 1st September

Height:  148cms/4'10

Gender/Pronouns:  She/Her

Sexuality:  Lesbian

Ethnicity/Nationality:  Mexican-Indian

Occupation:  Mayor of Appleton

Yes, Lentil is her actual name. 

Lentil is a confident girl. She stands up for what she believes is  right though she can get pretty hotheaded at times. She doesn't care what people think of her, no matter what she does. She is athletic and  enjoys running. She is very headstrong. 

She likes apples, exercise, being around her friends, spending time with her girlfriend, dal tadka and doing things her own way.

She dislikes maths, bugs, feeling left out, bugs, when someone takes her reserved seat on  the train (when it is clearly marked as hers), when people insult her friends for no reason and especially those damn bugs. Did I mention bugs?

Lentil's mother is Mexican and her father is Indian. Her first language  is Spanish because she grew up in Mexico City and she learnt to speak English fluently. She can also speak a little Hindi due to her father, but she doesn't usually speak it. She is an only child. Her name is Lentil as an inside joke between her mother and her aunties and because her mother was so tired after giving birth she just decided to call her Lentil instead of something reasonable like Mariana or Alejandra. Her best friend is Kell Landau and she is dating Nikki Fairburn.

Lentil likes to sew. She would've become a seamstress if she didn't become a mayor. She made the shirt she is currently wearing.

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