Ásta Jóhandóttir



1 year, 6 months ago


Name:  Ásta Jóhandóttir

Age:   27

Birthday: 2nd February

Height:  154cms/5'0

Gender/Pronouns:  She/Her

Sexuality:   Ambigiously bi

Ethnicity/Nationality: Genuinely don't know how to answer this one

Family: Iris Oskardóttir (mother) Jóhann Dagurson (father)

Occupation: Mayor of Peachiday

"Love is forever and everyone!"

Ásta Jóhandóttir is lovely.

Ásta is very kind, sweet and trusting. Perhaps she is too trusting and kind as  she seems to be a bit of a pushover. She is very honest with people but  takes feelings into consideration before she spills the truth. She seems  to be more focused on feelings rather than logic and sometimes truth. She is very considerate of other peoples' feelings. She's soft and nurturing. She's so gentle and kind and just gives off an overall warm feeling. You could trust her with anything. She wouldn't tell. Not at all.
:) ♥

She's the mayor of Peachiday. Oh, how lovely her little town is! Isn't everything just so lovely in Peachiday? It's so beautiful, so calm and peaceful there. Why, isn't it just a brilliant little town? Nothing can ever go bad in Peachiday!
.... Or so they say.
She loves her sweet little town. She's good with names and greets everybody personally when she's there. Oh, isn't she just a lovely and sweet person? Isn't everyone in Peachiday just so lovely and sweet?

Ásta was adopted as a baby. Her biological parents are Indonesian and  her adoptive parents are Icelandic. Her family spoilt her as a child and she got everything she wanted. She  has many (adopted) relatives. Her first language is Icelandic and she speaks English fluently, though with a rather obvious Icelandic accent. She's lived in AniVille since she was six  years old. She met her friends there and she had an aspiration to become a counselor and an author on the side. But then that didn't happen because President Chickpea said "No," annulled every single one of their exams that they worked so hard on and sent them off to become mayors of towns. Okay. Sure. That happened. And initially, Ásta couldn't manage her town. And she doesn't like not being in control of the situation. She always has to be in careful control.

As if by magic, things changed over the course of a month or two and she had everything under control. Business as usual in Peachiday! Everything was fine. :)

Ásta is especially close to Rae and Kimble. They talk a lot. Well, Ásta talks to them. They're both absolute disasters. She tries to help. They've been friends ever since secondary school.
In secondary school, Rae had the idea of creating something. Something sciency. Something to do with chemicals. And well, would you look at that! Somehow they, at the young age of seventeen, managed to make a scientific breakthrough and created a type of serum. They didn’t know what to call it so they called it the clever name of  “Peace Serum.” Guess what? It had the ability to calm people down and keep them happy and lovely. They chose to not use it ever. That could have bad consequences, right? They'll never know. It's immoral to use it on people, don't you think? :)

Conspiracy theorists in other towns call Ásta a dictator. Rae called her a dictator. She strongly denies all ties to dictatorship and gets very upset when you imply it.