Kell Landau



1 year, 9 months ago


Name:  Kell Landau

Age:   27

Birthday:  3rd May

Height:  165cms/5'4

Gender/Pronouns:  She/Her 

Sexuality:   Bi? Straight? Yes? No? No one knows.

Ethnicity/Nationality: German

Occupation:  Mayor of Peartree Lane

Kell is bright and bubbly. Energetic and excitable and determined to do her best  no matter what! Kell has a very flat resting face (also known as  resting bitch face) but don't let that deter you from finding out her  true personality! Kell always finds the best in every situation. Her  excitable personality can sometimes get her into trouble but that  doesn't stop her! She can be quite clumsy, often falling over her own  two feet at times. Even though she's very excitable, she knows when to stop and to get down to business. Especially when... That thing happens in her town. Except maybe she doesn't actually know. Oh dear, send help.

Kell likes pears, dancing, colourful clothes, candyfloss, going around markets,  pretending to be a detective, dancing with her boyfriend, dressing up in  clothes she thinks are cool. Kell likes to wear bandages and medical items for the aesthetic. 

Kell dislikes hard detective work, having to sit down in one place for more than half  an hour, sauerkraut, polluted water, people popping her water floaties. (AHEM, KIMBLE)

Kell grew up in Germany. Her parents are German and she is an only  child. She cannot swim without a rubber  ring or armbands. She dyed her hair two different colours because she couldn't decide on which colour she wanted. Kell wears bandages on her  face because she thinks they look cute. Her first language is German and  she speaks English fluently. She can also speak a little French. Her accent isn't very thick, but still noticeable. She once solved a missing  person's case completely by accident. She can play the violin. Kell was originally based off that tumblr textpost that asked what if anime was made in Germany instead of Japan. Amazing. Her best friend is Lentil Mani and her boyfriend is Davie Lawiri

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