Kell Landau's Comments

This character is so cute, I love her! I love that her design (specifically her pose and hair) reflects her personality! Her resting bitch face also compliments her personality nicely. It's not often I see a happy bubbly character with RBF. The fact that she wears bandaids for the aesthetic is very relatable. It's also cool to see a character who can't swim traditionally!

Aaaaaa thank you so much! <3 Your comment means a lot to me I'm so glad you like her! ^^

Omfggg I saw the tumblr post she's based off, and I love it! It's nice to see an OC based on it, that's so original and funny! owo

I love how she came out, she's very cute ~ I love how she's excitable but has a resting bitch face drftyguhj that's me

Also she basically speaks the same languages as me, except that's in reverse, how could I not love her? c:

 Thank you so much for the kind words awww :D I'm so glad that you love her! It means a lot, so thank you very much! <3